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Thanksgiving Prayer

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the reverend birdcall would like to lead the ic in a quick thanksgiving prayer.


The Snow Bunny Thanksgiving Day Prayer

On this Thanksgiving I am thankful that the Lord has blessed us with White Women whom roam so freely and beautifully on his great Earth. Lord Father we thank you for giving upon us such a lovely and fragile creature such as the White Woman. Father we mercifully ask that you continue to guide us and lead us in the ways to truly take care of and appreciate this wonderful creation known as the Snow Bunny. Father we understand you have put us, the Black Man, here on your green pastures to serve and protect the White Woman from any harm that her enemies may try to thrust upon her. We will shield her from her enemies in order to ensure no harm is done to your creation that has brought us and will continue to bring us so much joy and pleasure. Father we ask these things in your name, Amen.


*shout out to michael malice for penning this. young moola baby.*