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What inspired you to make beats?

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For me it was J Dilla's death. As a kid in the 80's and 90's I used to DJ so I had tons of records and I was always infatuated with reading album credits... I had a decent command of samples as my dad has a huge record collection and I used to play his records all the time so much so that when Run DMC released Peter Piper, I knew the sample was Bob James "take me to mardi gras". I'd always wanted to make beats but I back then Sp-1200's and MPC 60'ss were expensive, so I never did anything unless a friend of a friend had some beat machine to fool around with. Anyway, fast forward 15-20 years and I'm at work listening to "Donuts" and surfing the net after hearing about Dilla's passing and i found an article about Dilla during his last days. His commitment to the music during his last days, making beats in the hospital nearly made me cry while reading it because here was a guy that had all he excuses in the world yet he forged ahead and did it anyway, up till the day he died. A week later I got Fruity Loops 4 and made my 1st beat... It's something I've been doing ever since. Thanks Dilla.

Here's the article that inspired me. I still read it to this day to find inspiration.


What inspired you to make beats???


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    Young-Ice wrote: »
    I used to rap, and didn't have the dough to buy professional beats so I started making my own

    ^^^ This.

    I was writing all my rhymes to other rappers instrumentals circa 1990-1992. I started to try my hand at hip hop production with the stuff I already had that I was using to make Detroit Techno.

    I quit 🤬 with hip hop around 94 or 95... only dabbling in it infrequently.

    What got me back into it a few years ago was the death of John Doe/Jay Dee, then the death of my friend Dave "Disco D" Shayman.
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    ight. i started rapping when i was 13 with friends. it was like 4 or 5 groups in the hood, and we was the youngest. we just use to diss each other and make songs. it was fun. but they stopped and started sellin drugs going to jail etc

    and they really didnt want to do it. it was boring rapping by myself. . and my uncle gave me a expensive producer piano and told me about fruity loops. i was 14. i started then and i was weak but i started to learn how to play the piano by myself over the next few years..

    i really started trying to get on some professional stuff this year. im coming along. its just hard with nobody to show u anything. u gotta learn everything ya self.

    i think im getting better tho.
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    Well I started DJing back in 1998. My brothers friends were a mobile DJ group and had a pair of Belt drives they needed to get rids of so they gave them to me along with maybe 10 records. Didn't have a mixer so I just played to records and starter matching beats. Long story short I formed a mobile DJ crew and did local parties, group went separate ways, was by myself and discovered Invisibl Skratch Piklz (DjQBert, mix master Mike, settles, Apollo and shortkut) started doing DJ battles, got out of the game for awhile until I discovered Boon Doc on YouTube 2 years ago. Woke up one morning still trippin on what he was doing on a mpc so I copped one a week after watching his videos. Now I've been consistently making beats for a year and a half and I'm glad I made this decision. Thanks Boon!
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    Growing up, I was a sponge when it came to Hip Hop culture. From the first rap song ever made, I was hooked. I was a feind for anything related to hip hop. I used to breakdance, tried my hand at Graffiti (...and cant draw for 🤬 !), I popped, beatboxed but I was passionate about rappin myself. There was a DJ turned producer in my crew that would supply all us MCs with the beats but when the beats werent coming my way fast enough or nothing created was hot for what I was writing, I would just learn what he was doing and created my own. Not long after that, I was making more beats than writing so I just dropped the pen and stayed on the ASR-10.
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    Young-Ice wrote: »
    I used to rap, and didn't have the dough to buy professional beats so I started making my own

    Same reason here.
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    i use to always beatbox when i was a little kid lol i was horrible, i always loved beats cant really say why

    i got MTV Music Generator 2 for Playstation LOL and was hooked in high school... then in college my roommates friend had this thing called Fruity Loops and from there it was a wrap ha
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    I would rhyme and no 1 made beats around my way. I started out with a casio that had like 20 keys (think hustle and flow) and lame drums from songs like yankee doodle dandy but it was cool 🤬 you could mute the instruments. I went from that to a casio rapman. Anyone remember that? It didn't have a sequencer so I hooked it up to a karoke machince and recorded all my beats to cassette tape in real time. You can only imagine how happy I was once I got my hands on fruity loops. I was like thank you baby Jesus!