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CLOSED The Essence Playlist of the Year 2010... UPLOAD COMING CHRISTMAS DAY

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Okay, it's time for The Essence Playlist of The Year, each year since I can remember (at least 2004), The Essence has produced a Playlist of the Year, filled with the posters favourite tracks of the year... the only rule is... keep it underground! Independent! The Roots and other generally non-50 Cent artists can be in the playlist too...

Drop them as individual tracks or as a collection in a mediafire link.

You can have up to 3 tracks, if you post more, your first 3 tracks will be taken as your contributions.

On the 23rd I'll upload The Essence Playlist of the Year 2010 in a mediafire link, re-ordered to have a good flow with cover art work.

I'll post mine later in the week, I need to think about it...


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