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Things you learned from T.V. appreciation thread

Tha Killa
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I don't watch much t.v. at all, but a few recent episodes of Law & Order SVU stepped a 🤬 knowledge game up somethin' crucial. SVU is a 🤬 ' Gawdsend

For example, there was a episode about this anti-addiction drug that's banned in the US only because it's so 🤬 ' effective that it wouldn't be profitable for major drug companies. It's called Ibogaine and it could be a 🤬 ' lifesaver if our gubment was worth a 🤬 . #TeamWikileaks

Another example is the last episode of SVU where they had a case where this dude mixed some petroleum jelly and Misoprostol, and used it as a 🤬 to give a 🤬 a medical abortion unbeknownst to her. It was 🤬 genius....even tho she died in the end :(

Misoprostol is an ulcer medication that has a GOAT side effect of induced abortions with a 90% efficiency rate if taken correctly. SVU just singlehandedly made a 🤬 an unwanted fetus's worst nightmare.

What are some things you learned from ya favorite t.v. show?