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Can girls manipulate guys much easier than guys can manipulate girls ?



  • leftcoastkev
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    It's easier to munip a girl after she catches feelings but easier for a girl to munip a (simp) dude before. Dudes always gotta feel like we gotta prove our manhood to mofos who aint got their best interest at heart/.
    Hell even dudes gas other dudes up easily with pulling the "don't be a punk" card.

    But in general, yeah because most dudes wrap their self worth up in:

    1. Women
    2. Money

    You take a dude that's a simp ass wanna be player give him a girl he cheats on left and right and watch him think he's bigger than life. Now watch if one the girls cheats on him with another dude.
    Most dudes get all hurt not because the girl cheated but because he had to face the reality that he ain't the sh-- he thought he was. If she cheats (even though he was) now "all b---s ain't sh--".

    You take a dude that falls in love with a chick and at the same time tries to control her. He is only doing it out of the fear that she'll realize how weak really he is and keep her away from other dudes who got stronger game to keep his dillusion of self-worth high in his own mind. If she cheats he's ready to 🤬 .

    The moral of the story is the dude who doesn't wrap his ego (and manhood) up in p---y is his own man and won't be munip'ed by .
  • Chico Strickland
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    dusouljah wrote: »
    cuz u wasn't checking for it....

    bahahhahahaha this 🤬 was 🤬 as hell
  • king hassan
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    If a 🤬 is controlled by 🤬 then he is a 🤬
  • bull6599
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    For 🤬 that are slave to the 🤬 this is true b/c thats how most women manipulate. When I 1st start having sex w/ a chick I try to give her the best pipe she ever had in her life the 2 or 3 times. Then the next time she tries to initiate sex I politely turn her down. This let's her know that I cant be controlled w/ sex and gives her the idea that I may have other options. Gotta learn how to take the power from these chicks.
  • Shizlansky
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    Women. cuz thristy ass 🤬 gon do whatever for a chick and she probably aint tight
  • DONP$4
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    🤬 is a hell of a drug. LOL