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Cancelling Christmas?

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Christmas is coming. And every broke n---a this side of my bloodline I haven't heard from since last January is contacting me with "genuine" interest of my "well being" to see how I'm doing. I can feel them grinning through the phone. I always give good Christmas gifts (Xboxes to nephews, money to sister, Concert tickets to uncles / aunts) but I'll admit that aint none of them got me s--t in YEARS.
Now, I never give with the expectation of giving cuz I can take care of myself but it seem like at Christmas time it's 3 types of people:

1. Rich people: Happy about Christmas (why not?)
2. Regular people with jobs/hustles and bills: Really don't wanna spend their money to take away from their 🤬 but do so anyway out of "moral obligation" (me)
3. Broke people: In the festive spirit. Wanting to put up the tree, throw tinsel, put reefs on the door and other bullsh--. With they hands out. (them)

This year I don't think I'm getting anybody anything. Does anyone else have a ton of broke relatives in the festive spirit? How do you handle it? Has anyone ever straight up cancelled Christmas on their family? I'm tired of spending money.
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