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She Knows

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The flashing lights are every where
And the neighbors stop and stare
My heart knew I wasn’t fair
Now my heart says to beware

Her eye’s pierced to my soul
My masquerade unfolds
She’s been tied up in my web of lies
But now it seems she knows

Her drawer is empty, there’s no clothes
So now I think she knows
All my clothes cut up with holes
So now I think she knows
My belongings in the road
So now I think she knows
The flames just spread and grow
So now I think she knows

The flashing lights are every where.
In her eye’s I see the fear
The fires loud and whining as if crying to my ears
She hates me so much it hurts and so her soul it melts in tears
Our ash and ambers fading like the love we had, my dear

How could I be so cold?
Cause now I think she knows
What is there to be told?
Cause now I think she knows
Such passion to behold, it’s too bad that she knows
She loved me so much, she’d 🤬 me.
Lord forgive me, now I know.

The first I call once my castle falls. Now I learn of what I loss
Vice took my queen away and made me break all of my laws
It was love that built these walls, memories all in the hall
But this gravity of guilt may be too much for me, I fall

What comforts me shouldn’t be there
In her eye’s, she wants me here
Mirrors reflect the misery my visage never shares
The sight of my own lies, even I wish I’d disappear
This 🤬 for her was never worth the lost of love
I still miss you, my dear


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    this is pretty nice!

    I enjoyed reading this..as always thank u for sharing.

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