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dedicated to my closest homie

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R.i.p 2 my 🤬 bill why did u depart from us soon im pouring out liquor in the cold and dark room your lyrics are consumed like a baby in the 🤬 . Why you did have 2 depart us soon, Im sheding tears from dawn to noon. Bill why were you a victim of the 12 gauge at such a young tender age. Pointless violence for no reason 🤬 these 🤬 should be held for treason. I wonder wat reason these 🤬 🤬 a young cat for no reason. This disease makes me feel like saying 🤬 2 cancer but I should be thinking I need destroy this disease and find a cure which is the answer. You told me 2 keep my head up and never let up but now im pouring out liquor finking should I give up, but then I see ure face and look up.

Bill why did you have to die a real 🤬 in my heart, I dread the day dat we have 2 depart, when that days comes you will be piecing holes in my heart since you departed I look at 🤬 and wonder why you had 2 go, as im washing my sorrows on these 🤬 hoes. Bill we were like brothers, but I realise im gonna have to get others, as you past away so suddenly, why did u have 2 die so violently

I look at these cracks from the concrete and I look up 2 the sky bill my 🤬 bill y did u have 2 die. Lord are u there these 🤬 dont mourn bill dieing till death till do us part im trying.

I remember in cali we were smoking weed down that broken down ally. Remising the good days. I remember when you pulled out a gun scaring all dem 🤬 ass 🤬 shouting run. I remember cruising in your mayback bumping to 50 cent.🤬 but now ure gone I gotta pay the rent. All my homies drinking liquor, tears in everybody's eyes, toinght we mourn ure death, why are there so many 🤬 dieing, we will have no 1 left, lord why am I crying. Isit coz bill died or isit I thought a 🤬 like bill had nine lives. I contemplated suicide but when I held the gun 2 my head ure face appeared and said please don't die, remember the times wen we got high, and remising on others cats that died. We got through other people dieing but bill its gonna be harder 2 forget about you coz you will remain in my heart when my time is due. 🤬 u no our love is true, bill my 🤬 I will never forget u

I dont no wat 2 do with out u bill you helped me 2 become who I am today, without u I would of got sprayed. Im thinking of better days and ill watch over your mother 2 my old age
bill im looking at your grave, tears pouring out of my face
bill why did people critise ure talent spitting from the heart like Christian singing songs. And ogs smoking bongs.
Try to.open your heart and feel me a minute
bill If it wasn't for you, I would've been dead or in prison
So I dedicate this song to you My whole success truly belongs to you
bill you were a solider, I listened 2 your words like an older
you had the voice of marvin gaye and the swagger from luther and you had a heart of a uk trooper serving in iraq,walking in trenches and train tracks and cruising in maybacks. bill im proud of you like an solider but now you are gone im getting a cold soluder. Im looking up to heaven, on september the 7th morning your death like 9/11.

im gonna miss u bill, R.i.p my 🤬 our love is eternal


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    Dam, this poem just hit me hard..

    I feel your pain, everything your going thru! I feel it..

    Sorry for your loss, and I hope one day we all can see our lost love ones again..

    In the mean time we have to stay strong, keep the head up.. Sounds easy to say but hard to do..

    I'd love to quote so many lines but ehhh.. Its heavy! Losing your road dawg is the hardest 🤬 ever.. Been there many times, but my recent loss is just ehhhh.. No words for it.. I don't think I'll ever be okay again.. Or enjoy another drank with out thinking of my baby bro, or blaze.. Its hard..

    You stay strong and when times get hella hard, and u feel everything is closing in on you.. Hit the inbox! Your not alone...

    Peace and much blessings!
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