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Denial Of Service/Remedy of Maturity

edited December 2010 in Waiting To Exhale
Still waiting for a phone call
no friends no relatives
lonely at the bottom
especially when you don't fit in
praying for forgiveness
to take it to the heavens
the slums of the mind and eye are becoming reality
friends go and come when they need something
family brings things but nosy to business
bare witness to a struggling technician
keep on complaining and wishing
for a way out of this predicament
situations sticky
and emotions become quickly revolving
like the 6 revolving around the tip to the skull
verbally pulling the trigger letting brain matter land on fake phony and the sorry
clothes same as always
broke during the holidays
lost my work from anger i displayed
no more book or the pages i laid down flat
for the poetry that was intact is obviously gone
scorn by a broken laptop and a 🤬 laptop turned desktop
need a friend in need begging for the almighty
to shine upon me a witness to belief
life becomes incomplete and a complete circle
evolving around from happiness to sadness
madness echos my verbal capabilities
insane and miserable while the grimy says i'm lucky
luckily to have a wife and a new beginning
but the sin i'm committing got those looking out for me
begging for me to reclaim repentance
🤬 it i'm banned from the economy
scarred by society
no ride or die bonnie to help out clyde
distant relatives and the M.I.C is broken
no dedication just me 🤬 it than it shall be

By myself but have surrounding cast members
you born alone and die with a credits strolling
no hope an illusions play a deeper portion of this play
i learn from the past and now of a way to fit the mold
of self
no wonder my health was depleting
and my body looking skinny and defeated
i let the woes of the world get to me
and protect the past that becomes something thats repeating therapy
the very thought of success is a blessing upon tongue
and downfall is the tip of the words that become
some often wonder why 🤬 happens on a regular basis
its the word and mind that causes you to face it
vex with the hex i stress better days
but days are better if i can just behave
in a manner that often demands peace and patience
so i wait for success, start over, and get with the program
let time take its course and gran turismo 5 be my haven :cool:


  • TupacfanTupacfan Members, Moderators Posts: 2,428 Regulator
    edited December 2010
    This was nice real p,

    Very expressive there, and many people can relate to your situation..

    We all have to make adjustments when things change.. Change could be anything from the things you've described there.

    Its a matter of time, things will get better.. It has to at some point..

    Over all good read and good see you around here..

    Keep expressing that struggle fellow poet :)

  • REAL_POETICALREAL_POETICAL Members Posts: 347 ✭✭
    edited December 2010
    thanks for the props...just had to do my normal lash outs lol...thanks again:cool:
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