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Me, her, the elevator, and my mind

edited December 2010 in Waiting To Exhale
First floor i walk onto the 4 wall concoction
press the button 5th and she comes a knocking
running of pitter patter of heels to carpet
lunge at the closing door and i battle the closed sesame
lets see where she wants to go she press 3
zen's a booming with jamiroquai goodness
she plays the roots and bobs head to the melody
eyes wonder to cheek and her scent is heavenly
sort of like a electric boogaloo scenery
wearing some sort of neon something
style is machinery
like a techno futuristic type of clothing
her legs extend the inches of my.....long sleeves
shes making me...arrive to the 2nd floor
🤬 please nobody else come to ruin this fantasy
old lady go that away
let me stay and enhance my stroke of mental genius
as this lady of virtue makes mental love to my.....thought process
ughhh the ring shes trying to glare at it
hands in pockets so i can atleast hide the bare bone truth
i's married now and no longer a rap sheet i bare
stare at ground on some sly cooper
her toes are ps2 while her shoe game is ps3
exclusively provided by versace
damn i can't even spell such things
my tims provided by outlet reeks of step ya job game up
jeans sponsored by hard times and blessings
shirt wrinkled but sharp to the T
hair cut looks like a sharper image
and glasses shine brightly of nerdy intentions
her hair was curly like my exes but thats another story like ten pages ago
lips licking and eyes boggle to left and center
the elevator goes seconds away from 3rd
i'm so in a lost of words
i wanna rap...i wanna sing...i wanna bring it on home to her
i want her to meet momma, my sister, my brother and his bromance, my nephews
and so on and so begone
remember the ring...remember coming home
but nothing wrong with a flirt
i grabbed her and she dips
kisses and grinds
red button switch
fap fap pat pat
grown moan
skeet graffiti on buttock
i'm run home 5 to 0
the home team wins
home run for the series
shake head until it rattles
she gets off and before she leaves display
"have a good day" i explained
she says "the same"
smiles and goes
i'm a rocket ship going towards moon and mars
5th floor i get off
routine check up...hellooooo nurse barnes;)


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