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new beat. Let me know what you think

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  • Drgoo0285
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    just random drum kits I find. I just mess around with the pitch and eq
  • ceegramz
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    listening to the 1st 1 right now......

    Im diggin the way you sequenced your drums and your drums are definitely hitting. Dope

    Im not really digging the way the synth drops but it's something different & being an emcee 1st and foremost thats the kind of things I look for. I'd probably just choose a synth thats less robotic next time

    second one....

    like young ice said those vocals are ill. Digging that. overall not my style but it has an underground feel I could see someone spitting to.
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    with the faha. the synth was bad imo. i would scrap it and find a new one.. but the drums were good

    im listening to untitled. it sounds like all of the sound are too low. but the drums sound good. and that horn thing sounds kind of irritating