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Why are WOMEN releasing all these sex tapes?

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Paris Hilton started all this 🤬 and we know she did it on purpose. Embarrassment to her family, no doubt. Also, wack 🤬 game.

Kim K followed suit, even more blatantly on purpose. Embarrassment to her family. Wack 🤬 game again. WTF?

Montana Fishburne. She knew it would bring embarrassment to her family. Pock-marked ass.

And now the daughter of pro wrestler Dave Batista. Again, knowingly bringing embarrassment to the fam. Lousy camerawork.

Three questions.

1. Why is it FEMALES releasing all these things for publicity and not men? Men are dogs, right? Aren't men supposed to be the deviants?

2. Why do these girls hate their families so much? What did their rich daddies fail to buy them? Did mommy not give them enough hugs?

3. Why is the 🤬 game of these 🤬 almost entirely wack? If you gonna 🤬 in public, how you gonna fail to bring your A game?


  • rice n gravy
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    plenty of men have released sex tapes just nobody checkin for that sht unless the chick he fkin is famous (Tommy Lee Pam)
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    next up................Miley Cyrus
  • thehonorable
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    Daddy Issues.

    Always goes back to that.
  • 1of1
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    The only crime here is that their 🤬 game is wack most of the time.
  • Bwoahmizzee
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    The only crime here is that their 🤬 game is wack most of the time.

    co sizzle

    none of them actually had a good sex tape

    smh @ that Hoopz sex tape being like the Detox album

    everybody just knew that 🤬 was gonna drop

    but it never did
  • TrueGodHS
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    I dont see the point of celebrity sex tapes... I mean, they still regular people who can't even 🤬 right so whats the big deal... But it is sad that a lot of chicks is putting this out for publicity... Broads stay on that hoe 🤬 ... white, black, whatever....

    As far as the questions go, 1.Men aint all dogs.... Women want ppl to think that 🤬 though.

    2.Some women just have emotionally complex issues. Basically that's the whole thing lol.

    3.🤬 aint doing sex tapes to prove they can 🤬 ... Hell for every black dude or that specific white dude who sees that and be like "that was wack", there are 30 other mafuckas watching like damn I wanna 🤬 Kim K, or even..... Paris Hilton