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Something for the ladies

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My Love is Short

Waking, whipping the sleep from her eyes she turns to her side and yet to no surprise her future husband is gone. Not a note or a letter, she knows she deserves better. Just as she begins to sit up a varmint fills her throat. She holds it in and reaches for her phone to call her best friend. Before see can push send the phone rings and on the other end is the boy of her dreams from last night. He says “I don’t want a big fight, I had a great night, but I think we should just be friends.” The conversation ends when she presses end for she can’t bear to hear the truth bend. Slightly stumbling from her bed, a recumbent menace enters her head

Any opinions on how it should end or do you like the kidda open ended ending leaving it sort of to the readers interpolation? What in your opinion do you think the ending suggest? Thanks