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wow it's a freestyle

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Wow its a free keystyle, who wants to freestyle? First of all, I love going to church, its the only place we going to learn,earn new living, 🤬 is always forgiving, confession is what I'm revcieving. Church is like place for checkpoint give chances to minds that poor, so the lord just blesses you knocking out all though demons in your mind, gives us strenght like preist preaching, teaching all minds, like brain surgeon 🤬 is fixing our minds.


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    Mostly likey , the freestyle are not through, just taking a break from American history class, keep freestying is only way we make history, the style is new, some might hang out in crews, but when I key in education everybody decide to merge in you, what's life without education? We all need it too, so when you go to school, you infulences too many people who's needs school, some make it cool, I just decide to keystyle to see if I infulence anyone to freestlye and call this education, what ever we wrote down can be called American History too.
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    No distrubance open the door delivering nothing but school freestyle, some say I should be mad because other mcs are better, we just quit crying, quit lying, have lyrics so worked make others want to join the miltary, just relax these bars are not only artlitary, they are more like chef, my style got you what you need, culinary, cooking the goodish int the kitchen, the style is too steak, rice, salad, don't forget dressing, mix with the teacher who took people to school, now freestyling on any beat, giving memory like 21 jump street, straight working, verse not hostile, buts fights like Guile sonic boom with backflips surounding by all graduates, every flow moves is not genitcs, just authentic genuine realistic to give you the best freestyle.
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    Its them again, not Zack from save by the bell, but I'm here to bring you more school freestyles, psychology class is my major, just because is not an easy class, I'm not a hater, supposely there lots material, learning the gateways to mind and behavior,eat up that class mean as an alligator. Forgive me if I don't have the best psychology flow, when come to keying , I key what bothers me, pass the class, knock all psychology problem like bowling pin, style like bipolar.
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    Forget those haters, let's believe in 🤬 , hope the hotest verse never gets earsed, we are to real, how we pass with 🤬 , love people, they will love you back, then freestyle, leave it entertainalbe like mk 9 in spring break, have sound fx like new gmc playing out 🤬 Harry newest release, freestyling with classmate rapping about how we are going to graduate and be the best school m.c's, I thank 🤬 for finding a cool talent to start, freestyle using some eduaction, improve more better wordplay for your satisfaction, continue forget giving up homies or hometts let's all pass feel the medication, just keying make you want tell everybody this a good way for relaxation, and redo it like karate meditation for your medication.
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    *cracks knuckles*

    Church isn't 4 walls and glass
    its within the righteous that roam a path
    of divine intervention and other sins forgiving
    trying to turn crooked and wicked to a new pasture
    make a disaster of the enemies plot
    meanwhile live life and love life beyond the reasonable spot
    far from addictions unless its a ps3 or xbox
    beyond the restrictions of 🤬 greed and devious mentioning
    we all are forgiving yet still sinning and eating the plate of everlasting repentance
    lords wisdom goes beyond the pastor that pretends to be him
    a drunken fool got more knowledge than the cash cow that is the "holy" Tabernacle
    don't fall short of the assembly thats man representing the almighty
    while a building condones speaking of tongue
    i been beyond the trenches of failure to understand the plan of the man
    from being caught up with churches that never understand the word of living
    the beginning of repenting and resurrection of the almighty that seeks new beginning
    2nd coming and other things we yet prepare for
    so all in all be wise in what you stand for
    palm to palm knees to floor explore lord's venture yourself
    things get rough but we often get tough from the stuff that destroys our ego
    and we build bigger surprises for the people that's support or hate
    bottom line rely on faith beyond the tradition
    no more saints getting caught up with the jurisdiction
    inflict your own intuition on whats right and wrong
    avoid the same ol song
    we live for today and die for tomorrow
    so ease the tears of the pastors doings
    and follow christ through it all
    beyond the building lies a man thats beyond a christian
    hes a man of 🤬 leading the way for today
    even though tho he got the liquor bottle on display
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    Cool verses, thanks for dropping.
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    Not the best freestyle, people hate loseing, going to class getting baddest grades, doesn't mean you are loser, going to church will change your mind, a defeat the highest ruler, 🤬 it I feel like playing Killzone 2, or 3 blasting those demons, to see recarnation, not really, keep it fiction, have fun, love people maybe become a cool psychologyist. Help people with adhd or eplilepsy.
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    I came on this thread to freestyle, tell them I show you, what I got!, trying not sound like Pac or Biggie, probly get respected like saint John or a saints from church. There flows is incredible, but love yal had to come out much better, making people wanna shop geuine leather, new ford explore 2011 edition, saying his style was trash, now cooler like ac in a car, verse to copy share it like 4th of July celebertion experinece, poetry church lovers, love you, a style that has it offense and deffense, poet a psychologyist studyier, key not to greedy typer, but a saint helper, love fighter, thanks to all, who knew they had it, gods gift, everybody who tries, is doing much better, ma, rn, pa, docterant style, leaving learnin mechinc power with gods touch.
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    Yo killer Instinct combos from the arcades are cool, try to freestyle who loves to sound his verse like the arcades, dropp with friends in freestyle treads like not going to war, verses ready like miltary gernades, arriving similar army of two, a booth where we can cherish the mic, some un 🤬 stuff, but be 🤬 if you have to without getting embrassed, anyone rhyme, write, read, and be at there best, for not being judge, but who they are, the whole verse shines like shining stars, sorry I hope this keystyle doesn't have to many filler or likes, but aleast learn from the greatest, 🤬 and the bibe, owning sports cable, being at your best fitness, neva give up, you the best, baby we can do it, don't cry, its okay to be emotional and share the keys as the mic, win every night!
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    Dear Poet x......We miss you, we use to go to school together, talk to all the girls and hung with all the guys together, man you still the man with craziest verse, every line you dropped at the club on stage you brought pain to crowd made tear like rain, you was hero when it came saving the world, when my masters got schooled, you got me and pa's out of trouble, now I'm still saying thanks for that helped, we love you where ever you are, you where there when people were needed, you got a career for doing your job, school poetic phd teacher, who schooled millions all over the world, you had stories about who was your girl and who was your man, you was the rock the mic, super who goes to church, telling us from right or wrong, you was the man, and still iz, where ever you at baby, stay up!
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    Sometime I forget what's a good verse, should I talk about that, or should I talk about this, maybe I should talk about that, telling was fiction, I'll turn it into facts, with sericuty permission, not being ugly or jeolous, everyone needs ride, sometimes, its like chilling with your best friend, not being afraid, staying strong, passing all there gen eds, becoming a Doctor, learning from your own mistake, believing Catholics and Christian ways, feeling every tear drop, why did I do it, know from wrong to right, have those pa teachers teaching you how to make it up again, a world of no losing, just winning, earning respect, following sandy beaches again, praying for those people's problems, have them smiling again, like movie seat not taken, we be smiling again!
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    wow, you came flows left and right..

    I digg the hell outta that.. Respect!

    Anyways.. But here I go.. Hehe. Lemme contribute a few lines.

    Whispers in the air, is that foot steps at the door? Am I hearing things? or is it me just being bored?
    What once was a pleasure now became a chore, the things I once despise I can't even adore,
    The pots and pans sounded gerogouse before, but now all I hear is tick clock from the clock,
    its time that I'm trying to avoid, trying to replace things that can fill the empty void,
    ever time I get a little water a little more, cancer with no cure, see ppl broke with no fix,
    kids running around with no kicks, some singing picking up sticks, chicks turn to tricks,
    yea now wonder some ppl has turn to 🤬 , became no 🤬 has become "no 🤬 ", every motion has become slow motion because now you don't know quick.......


    Keep it going...
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    niceeee tupacfan.... the freestyles i'm seeing from all yall are on point

    let me get back on it...

    Charlie brown moments
    echo in the mailbox
    family up north
    devious plots
    life isn't looking well
    and christmas isn't looking swell
    no gift no applause or smile or bliss
    just a bless sending my way
    a joy remembrance
    looking back at ol times like reminiscent
    dealing with the nuisance of waiting in lines
    trying to find a perfect gift design by a company
    giving the poor a nickel and charging the crowd 20
    only to collect dust break and go into compost
    same ol songs same ol rendition
    wishing on a star to find a good christmas
    story, movie, song, plot, and reasoning
    they say Jesus was born but different stories are pending
    defending my anger at such a ludicrous holiday
    drink of a egg nog and slip away
    wait up on the day where a tree is for display
    with gifts that often shed light to those that may
    need a helping object to get by or get high to
    nothing under the tree but i missed that spot
    wrapping paper and a box
    something that i didn't plot to even grasps or even asked
    don't have money to gift back but its a blessing to receive
    as much as its a blessing to give
    i guess this is the true meaning of such a meaningless day
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    Nice job from both texter!
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    Snow everywhere, when I saw the best verses, I had to drop, not santa clause but willing drop, good lines like texters here, ready for a New Years, next year no one wants to be lazy, probly we be working on cars and a car show, like import tuners while listening Black Rob Whoa!, making moves movie Blow, but christmas style, giving gifts to kids toys, shoes and clothes. Playing Karaoke with the family, or playing Dj hero with your neighbors, call it a block party, or pull out crates make it live Christmas party, disc jocey, everyone wearing santa hats, looking very cool, rapping, danceing, or doing windmills on cardboard box, family cheering eating talking about life, christmas lights everywhere!
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    Lifting weights, getting dressed for graduation, cap and gown grabing your master degree, the conversation for couple minutes on constration, stay focus for next degree, anwser questions like what are you going to do after college?, get a career, become a Doctor, making true dreams come true than actors, live the life, being your own Jesus, saving people lives, rolling with 🤬 all the way, while holding a flash light!
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    Couldn't come with a good rhyme, I decided to listen Az and Nas track serious, went this thread to see if I sounded serious, you probly expect me talk about life if is serious, you can compare me in bible to see if I was very serious, I told y'all I was serious, by showing keying is not my only miracles, when they talk about getting fit, you can tell I'm very physical, the lines to be an mri is predictable, these were probly wanna of weakest verse, no self-estem, no matter, my verse stay strong like Frosted Flakes, every lyrics I see, people key very lyrical!
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    Didn't knew what I was on, the last freestlye, my style didn't king me, didn't sound like tha Don, but came in this syphia to complete better sound fx than guy from Police Acadamey, end day you think I'm Razel, you too can sound well, a noise mix with Twista and lil of a mustang engine, having you like I got the best flow wow, maybe make up a groups simalar like murph or number after 3, krew whoa, come out we are the best right now, bringing back old school flava, mixing with newish stuff like mixtapeflava, where you can get the hottest mixes eva, why not pump the coolest mixtape from Dj Clue, to my ninja warrior Kay Slay, showing off to your friends and telling them, who's freshest schooler's alive!
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    My intro starts like I love you baby, I'm the freestyler papi, full of love stories, to bring you peace and happiness, others use to make fun my style, until I turn Christmas around, watching sports games with the family, eating cake, beef steaks, salad mix with sauce and carnberries, all the playas be loving them, how he's moving up newbies, gal's and pal's be learning them, how we don't need to read up a new movies, because the presents is live movies like Priest speaking up about new bible, church Christmas day, graduates will be graduating my flow in a hurry, fasting days free Hummers giveways moments similar Celetic playing the Knicks 119 a close win, 🤬 that scary! When times get weak recover like yoga this thread moves saints, this baking pie verse taste like hot cherries!
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    Waiting to exhale, getting out hell,
    There goes heaven, feeling well
    Spending Christmas time with family and reciving mail
    Getting cards from friends, different states of twelve
    Having kids outside playing in snow, lil childhood, loveing their selfs

    Thanking all the happy gifts that came from family, everyone feeling well
    Opening unwraping gifts from of the family, got what they wanted, yelled
    Thankyou, thankyou, you are best family, that any family can have
    Family conversating with family, eating well, and left overs left
    Turkey,pork, rice, salad, egg nog, juice, and soup, food was so good, kept family in good health
    Christmas weeknd was so wonderful, even some neighbors were singing christmas songs from 8p.m to late nite twelve.
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    Some say their stlyes are okay
    When it comes to get graded, they go horay
    Nothing like science and math learning that we go oh great
    Some rhymes don't move us, studying different style is okay
    Just practicing trying to get a verse in shape
    Fitness to the gym dictionary, finding your favorite words right away
    Switch the style, chilling at city in cold winter is pretty cool, right away
    What ever they talk about the wrong information, they get attacked like paranaway
    Win all freestyle battles, Have a winning streaks higher than NBA
    If you lose, everyone know the flow is fresh like toothpaste
    Nevermind what they say about car with rims, they stay cleaner than no stain windexs
    We keeping going, if you don't know what we learning, just focus straight
    Keep your mind right like cool song and just pump the hottest stuff to turn up a club and say your verse was okay!
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    Feeling sorry for a reason
    Thinking of that girl will me
    See a light of beauty
    First time I laid my eyes on her
    Saw true love, talking to her, made me
    Happy, cold win, warm heart, I loved her
    To many tears, to many jealousy,
    When I saw her around me, I called her my baby
    Always driving me crazy, after time you get use to it
    But what are you going to do, if she doesn't love you the same
    At time I wish I can take her all over the world, make her happy
    Not rich, but she deserve roses, cards of poems, saying she's a beautiful girl
    If you saw her, its like experincing true heaven, a clear mind, saying wow me
    Being the chosing one, holding hands, going to see romontic movie
    Dressed in nice closed like being married, loving those girls isn't scary
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    Football, tackel all those haters, get snatched thrown to wall
    Mortal kombat style, smashing heads, breaking bones and fall
    Going to school, learning cars is all I know, forget being played like a basketball
    We to serious, how we want to graduate, get straight A's and get along, forget shopping at the mall
    Displine, we don't have time to fool around, hollering the wrong people
    Either get your jobs or stay in school, to many dummies getting arresting for being there own crimnal
    Sorry they didn't mean to be animals, forgive me how I said it, everyone is created equal
    🤬 said don't judge, when we use to be good, why can we just continue
    Everyday we support people with problems, forget drugs, and stay gangsta like Evel Knievel!
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    Passing the court like Knicks played the Bulls in 1986
    Running, passing, stealing, scoring like influenza pateint not getting sick
    Players all healed soon they touch that ball its like ufc fighting no flinch
    Scoring and cheerleading cheering, the benches roaring no one want to go to sleep
    Playing good, working hard on offense, defense staying Duck Tales Scrooge rich
    Some were playing out Eminem Recovery, our fans were playing old school Mobb Deep
    Entertaining the whole day, music, food, drink, living the day we graduating, yelling who you with!
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    Smelling fresh Polo sport, mix with lil of Cool water
    Saying hey girl, what are you up to?, I'm coming over let's order
    Lunch or dinner order what ever you like, being with you, I feel very bright
    Holding your hands, hearing your voice, talking poetry to each other, loving Life
    Always telling you we were ment to be, get married, have million of kids, Las Vagas nights
    Take you places in expensive cars, or listening Johnny Cash in the Limozine, keeping moods right
    She dressed nice blue dress, full of jewelry smelling perfume Britney Spears, love hottest like candel light
    Being with a beauitful smart girl, there no time to fight, too happy, also she doesnt have to be rich, she's my angel of the light.
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