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What movie character was thuggin the most in history

Hobe cryant
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Tupac as bishop or birdie in juice and above the rim

Wesley Snipes as nino brown in new jack city

Lyle alzado in ernest goes to camp

Joe pecsi is good fellas

Dmx as tommy bunz in belly

Pac had the GOAT role as bishop but in above the rim it was fake and forced

Nino brown set up the carter and took over harlem wit the purple tops epic drug dealin operation

Lyle alzado whooped ernest in front of everybody and forced a father and kids out the crib at like 2 in the mornin

Joe pesci killed a made man and several other he was wilin

Dmx was a grimey ass 🤬 he sent lennox off and was state to state hittin licks on 🤬 and the whole 9