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Mindbreaking Killerbeats for FREE (ONLY 5 SPOTS!)

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Okay fellow members,

lets get to work. Talking honest: I'll do a commercial service for buying beats very soon. These will be absolute mindbreaking beatpackages with a never heard slammin' hypnotical effect mady by real BIG professionals to a 🤬 cheap price. But, please: NO HYPE boys & girls - I won't advertize it here, i won't give out any url or stuff.

Okay mr. "downloadbeats", you're talking very much, but aren't coming onto the point. Oh yes, thanks for remindin' me - I'll do it now:

The point of it is, that YOU can get one of these packages for free. Why? Because i won't use any 🤬 fantasy testimonials to lie my precious customers. I want REAL testimonials for my sales page. I am so confident 'bout the beats, that i exactly know that you'll review it excellent, while staying honest. Back to the point: I'll give away 5 free spots, 5 of you guys. YOU'll can get

The Starter Package with 3 groundzero-killerbeats.
The EP Package with 6 flawless, HQ skyrockting beats.
The LP Package with 12 🤬 The-A&R'll-love-it-Beats
The extra-fat-like-ya-mama XXL-PACKAGE with all the raging beats above.

But now, take a short break, close your eyes and lift your hands for prayer - Yes it is true - if you believe it or not - you really can get -THE FLATRATE PACKAGE FOR FREE -
You'll get 5 blazing, Gleaming-Like-Gold-Beats EVERY MONTH, as long as we offer this service (and this will be pretty long). Lay your spliff into the ashtray for a moment and beginn to think about THIS: Forget about hours and hours of hearing through 🤬 freebeats, where 1 beat sound as the other (or even bader...), as you you'll get 5 🤬 ' Beats of TOP NOTCH QUALITY for free, and this EVERY MONTH. Forget about the struggle, the pain in the ass while hearing through spammy sounding beats.

And now? Now you want to hear some samples, aren't you? I know this, you've often introductions like this, and at any time, the beats have been a shitload of 🤬 , but this time, i can swear it will be another experience.

Download the Snippets to this beats here:


All pressed well fiting in a rar-file. If you get one o' the 5 Spots, you'll get the whole beat as .wav-file.

You want to know, what to do to get one of these packages? Not much, but to make things easier, just shot me pm's for further information.

p.s.: I'll update this posting, how much spots are still available.