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Real's Testimony of 2010- The Beautiful Imperfect Life

edited December 2010 in Waiting To Exhale

I could 🤬 and moan
scatter in my own institution
live a life like an illusion
like the common poetry i stay spewing
but the confusion is long gone
you live for today and regret tomorrow
that the past will borrow your confidence
i became a quiet resident of shatter island
words become blur and life becomes common threats
in my mind i had it all
on the outside it becomes common regret
forgetting time back when
focus on now with starting over again
school begins but i already done such things
people look at me like mecca but let me explain
i know all about pcs and lacking macs but we will get to that
i relapse on fixing 🤬 but i often go back
fiending for a quick fix like truth elixir
it builds a bigger picture
got my ps3 back and life should be grand
wife is a teacher and my preaching life withstand the year of torment
but yet the misunderstanding is lacking funds and losing mind
ife in the south from a northern eyelid resembles pride and unforgiving moments
lost my uncle to the life we call circumstances
rip peewee and life begins again
lost friends and gain confidence
lost contact with confident people
and regain my love for that particular one
done burying myself for the things i have done
and the monster i become
i begun to pray and become something undone
complete in different aspects but still lacking foundation
educated but lacking fundamentals of withdrawn pride
hide away making empty promises
hearing them and redoing the same sermons
seeing imperfect people living perfect complex lives
only to die the next day
self inflicted
its sickening and a rebellion is needed
i stampede to the stage with jeans so blue
a shirt resembling a heart so true
black as the revolutionary free huey
boots of sand driven heads
wishing for a better outcome
so here's something to shed life on the future

We as the undying, miserable, 🤬 fearing but doubtful
lost and weary, angry and eyed teary
come together and stand again the oppression
stress out manifesting dealing with blessed people
we are lacking but still standing to approve the misfortune
arise the saints of new found glory
time to stand and make a impact story
sure the time is slow and dearly
but sincerely we shall have our moment of victory
my testimony is to spew words of common flaw within my world
among those that see's lacking green on a globe
overcome and stand on two
for we are one of the few
the last of the dying breed
if you believe in these words
indulge in your own belief
and stand above and touch whats hard to reach
your destiny.......


  • TupacfanTupacfan Members, Moderators Posts: 2,428 Regulator
    edited December 2010
    I digg this jawn real p,

    Words of a men that was usure but now so sure is my conclusion ..

    I thought it was well written, and was a reflective piece as well..

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