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INSTRUMENTAL KEYSTYLE-EX-MAS EDITION *beat: Joe Budden-ordinary love 🤬 vol 1*

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bout to roll up some of that FLA good good that I got for Christmas and zone out for a minute to this beat

write about anythin you want to

I hope everybodys Holidays was good and yall are safe for New Years!


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    So charming and alarming
    the melody flowing rapidly
    at rapid speeds spending me delicately
    head rush and dazed
    amazed confused but yet charming
    smooth operator with the lingo i often portray
    lay like a wake wide awake
    wondering if i should stay or raised up a bit
    the music is soothing and grooving me
    paralyzing state
    if i get up now the feeling wouldn't be great
    lack it and fact is my spirit is going through moving traffic
    drastic measures help me capture this method
    of being so chilled
    no dre beats just 1 dollar el cheapos
    zen shuffling through old blue tunes
    this must be heaven for the casanova brown child
    deja vu the chilling effects
    vex that this house isn't a home
    alone while wife is gone
    she's like sweet as taboo when shes around thee
    love is a house with her forcing her music open thee
    pondering and wondering yet again why music has effects
    like these that leaving me in the state of overdose
    i say screw toke it and shoot it
    eyes in the air as the music flares up
    two fingers chuck up
    phone lines pluck out
    lines are dim and my mentality struck out
    nobody talk to me
    as the music becomes therapy
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    Its that ordinary love 🤬 but nothings ordinary
    I live my life outside the world, my minds extraordinarily
    care free, What everyone wants I wouldn't care to be
    But facts are scary and Im everything they dare to be
    🤬 sell they soul for a profit, my soul is the prophet
    And Im staring at the world through a hole in the comets
    People still believe I care but refuse to what the truth is
    cause if they accepted the real me the whole world would lose it
    Wise men know that if you aint a solution you part of the problem
    fearing failure only makes the walls harder to conquer
    All I hear is answers but nobody working the equations
    Then a bunch of down 🤬 throwin dirt cause no one saved em
    🤬 need to understand how to conquer yourself
    cause the longer you fight monsters you only hurtin yourself
    and compared to you there aint a thing thats much worst for your health
    I write when its required and Im inspired around y'all
    I paid my life to reach the top so I cant afford a downfall
    This is just something to put me back in the groove
    So holla back and keep writing family slap on the tunes.