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Had an opportunity to cut with a LEGEND!

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I was at my boys grad party and all of a sudden DJ Shortkut was his cousin. For yall who dont know, DJ Shortkut is a member of the Legendary DJ Crew, Invisibl Skratch Piklz. They DOMINATED the DJ game and revolutionized the Art of Turntablism. The group consists of DJ Q-Bert (The Jimmy Hendrix of skratching) Mix Master Mike (Beast Boys DJ) DJ Shortkut (use to be Rass Kass DJ, Technical Beat Juggler, revolutionized Skratch Drumming) Yoga Frog, DJ Disk, and D-styles.

Was nervous, 🤬 and excited as hell but it was cool to cut it up with one of my influences out the blue that I grew up learning from their battles and other videos. Thats like one of yall hittin the lab with one of your favorite producers you idolized growing up. well heres the video. enjoy!


  • jrbtheproducer
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    DOPE vid, if i was put in a similar situation i would be scared shitless lol
  • sniperk
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    Cool video...
    I've been at venues with some of the cats you mentioned but never deejaying side by side.

    You held your own scratching there. Respect.
  • BarryHalls
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    fasho yall! I was happy that i got to cut with him but at the same time, i felt like i had to prove myself sniperk. haha!

    @jrbtheproducer...haha you a fool! but i was nervous, 🤬 and excited at the same time. 🤬 was surreal to skratch with a legend.
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