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Something Else

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My second attempt at a top of the head work.


I love your mind, your depth
I love your every step
I don't know about the next guy
I love that contrasted smile

Why anyone would hate
On a lady such as yourself
Baby, don't know about anyone else
Maybe I'm elated and I'm falling for you

One of the most underappreciated beings on Earth
People call you a 🤬 , underscoring your worth
Then some and more, but when you walk through the door
You make the boy's mouths drop to the floor

Looking at you, I get a good view
I see it too, but there's more in it than that
As a matter of fact, you're stacked
In what's under your hat
It ain't a drab time, mad eyes like a cat
Seductive mother Earth's skin
Onion 🤬 makes a man cry, but you're
Flat out beautiful
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