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Hottest Dress Styles For Males *PIC THREAD*

PapaJuice Banned Users Posts: 435
edited February 2011 in Fashion Forward
yo they banned me from a fashion forum coz i asked "what jacket is this dark skinned brotha wearing?"


anyways, yo
I'ma rep Ludacris, 2Pac and
and chamillionaire...
there are other, but im tired and lazy as hell, yo




aye fukk it, im tired, ill update later

but til then

drop sum pics


  • muffdizzle
    muffdizzle Members Posts: 253
    edited February 2010
    LOL, homosexuals.

    Luda? Seriously? I think my mom has the same coat.

    Looks something like:
  • PapaJuice
    PapaJuice Banned Users Posts: 435
    edited February 2010
    come on dude, are u for real?

    dat luda 🤬 luda got poppin is hawt

    yo dat girl pic u just posted, and luda... hey dude, all i gotta say is NO COMPARISON
  • king hassan
    king hassan south side somewhereMembers Posts: 22,737 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited February 2010
    That 🤬 is for boys fam
  • samcajou
    samcajou Members Posts: 25
    edited February 2011
    My jaw totally dropped when I saw the green leather jacket and I'm sure that it would creep its way into my dreams tonight. He can do better than dress like that, right? But then again, if it is his style then we cannot do anything about it.
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