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I'm a Martian.

An Alien.

To be more prolific and a bit more specific.

I'll be out hovering, somewhere over the Pacific.

Getting Lifted. Gifted.

Through the sands of time I've sifted, shifted, and drifed

And spread myself out all across the galaxy.

A thousand me's

Could never give enough thanks

For the mysteries discovered in life.


Will often come and go

But after the show, without the misery

You would never appreciate life's sometimes subtle delivery.

It appeared to me

Out of the blue.

Out of the green.

Out of both the earth and the sea.

Out of the moroon.

There's no denying our gravitational pull towards each other in this room.

Like a world with two sunsets.

No eclipse.

One moon.

Together we shine together

And I promise to never overshadow you.


Or maybe later.

We'll get together

And everything will be better.

But for now I'm layered in two sweaters.

Cold. No wife beaters.

Hanes. White and plain.

No tag for the comfort.

Ask MJ. I'm no fruit of the loom.

I'm here to improve.

Make room.

I'm here to watch and help make lives,

not flowers bloom.

Zoom, zoom.

We all race through life like there is a prize at the finish.

But the faster you drive, your peripheral's will begin to diminish.

And before you know it, you just missed it.

🤬 it.

All away in the rain.

I can't tell you what lies in store for me after today.

I never make plans more than 5 minutes away.

I live in today. Never worrying about the past.

I let my cards lay. No one knows what the future holds.

And whoever said that it held anything?

Once a day, I wake.

That's all I know to say.

Cause even that 🤬 isn't guaranteed to happen someday.


I'm getting older, but its ok.

I like my new found laugh lines.

Why pretend that they've gone away?

He who laughs last, lives to laugh another day.

The reaper hangs in the shadows everyday.

But even he must be grim and bare it.

I finished my carrots.

So I'm seeing you through 20/20.

Your anticipation doesn't scare me.

Even when the situation is hairy.

I'll carry.



I've did it this long.

I can't stop now just because I see the throne.

I'm happy for you Jay, but I'm almost home, not already home.

Hell, really I've still just begun on my way.

And I've still just yet begun to say what I have come to say.

Read all about it. Special delivery!

Its coming your way.

I'm doing just the opposite of what everyone always told may.

Don't come at me sideways.

Whatever negative things that you have to say my way

I'll just spin it in a more positive way. Creative-lay.

A lot of people open their mouths, but have nothing to say.

Tomorrow is never promised today.

Sometimes my presence in the present still presently gets in my own way.

Constantly, I always have something to say.

Stories for days. Fables for weeks.

Worry only hangs out with the weak.

I don't have time for doubt.

If he comes in, then I'm out.

I'm here to remove all clout.

Sorry Wocka Flocka, but rappers really do have something to say in the South.

This is no 🤬 .

I lost all respect for Lil Boosie.

How you gonna get a 15 year old to go out and do your duty?

And doobie, if I'm gonna shoot ya.

Then I don't need silencers for my Uzi.

Do me.

Let's measure.

See how you compare.

I never slack off, unlike the hare.

But this man right here, just might make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

Woo Ha! I always come correct.

My vocabulary, I'm always willing to flex.

🤬 walking it out Uncle.

Welcome to the jungle.

If you can't talk it out

Then you don't deserve to be next.

Who you tryin' to impress?

So you're the king of your town?

Kudos, but why haven't I heard of you yet?

So many rappers out, self proclaiming that they are the best.

I say it in jest.

But you know it as the truth.

Most rappers out these days

Have to use their hand to get off in the booth.

🤬 around and get Swizz Cheesed

When you see me holding a .40 Glock

Then maybe you'll understand what I mean.

Just getting into this Rap game at a time when it really reaks.

I feel like Jordan back from retirement

When he first re-entered the league.

Not only am I starting over

But I feel like I have to help rebuild the whole team.

Thats no easy feat, but I'll try my best.

I may be from the East but I still 🤬 with the West.

Tryin'a 🤬 around and one day hopefully become one of the best.

I hail from the South, but still respect the North.

You guys are always welcome to kick it on my front porch.

Been an apprentice to the game for a minute.

I'm ready to tag in.

My heart is in it.

An old man once told me that eventually the apprentice becomes the master.

I'm a lyrical Dzaster.

A higher musical proficiency is what I'm after.

Leave a permanent mark on history, even after.

So when I'm dead and gone you can remember me amongst the good times and laughter.

I'm not the Joker, but I have punchlines in Spades.

The punch lines get longer everyday.

You can go ahead, but no, I won't drink the Kool-Aid.

Its cherry and I like bllue.

So many people live their whole life

waiting for someone else to tell them what to do.

Afraid of change, but still out looking for something new.

You blamed Bush first and now you blame Obama too?

What the 🤬 is he suppose to do?

Send you all personal sympathy cards and sign them too?

Maybe he should show up at your house on camera with a shiny new job made just for you.

Yep, that's exactly what he should do.

If you believe that, then you can go ahead and take a one way all expenses paid trip to Kalamazoo.

You are the same guys mucking up the gears of change this whole time too!

Yoo-Hoo! I'm all shook up!

Look up!

It's a bird!

It's a plane!

No, it's a white boy from the South

With something to say.

You heard may?

Well evidently not.

So excuse me while I dance all over your blue suede shoes for stealing rock away.

And while I'm on the subject. I never listen to Country.

However quite the contrary

I grew up in what could be considered the very definition of country.

But even on the darker streets, we still call home our neighbor hood for long.

Raised street smart

Because unlike Mastercard,

You never have to worry about leaving that at home.

Since the age of 18 my phone has been set on roam.

But I'm never alone.

My own thoughts keep myself company even when I'm all alone at home.

No alibi.

Let the kids fly.

I've been hearing it for decades.

Sad, sorry excuses.

Anyone next to me makes me the Gallant to their Goofus.

So don't confuse us.

I stick out.

You can't hide me in a Highlight's hidden picture.

However quick you got there

I'm determined to get there quicker.

Speed run.

Just for fun.

Catch up.

Don't act dumb.

The only man to come equipped with 3 lungs.

Ready to lunge on any MC who thinks he's sicker.

I'll eat you and the mic first thing for breakfast.

Now what's for dinner?


I can see right through your rhymes.


Stephen King knows what I mean.

So many of you are willing to share your two cents

When I never asked anyone to do anything.

I stand on my own two feet.

Like a bad dancer.

On a crowded dance floor

Tryin' to dance the funky chicken.

Can we get over racial stereotypes

From both sides?

Why can't we all just agree

That its good and finger lickin'?

I know that I have no money.

No need for Quicken.

But 🤬 .

I missed my subject.

Off topic.

Now its not even Christmas.

But "🤬 bless us, EVERYONE!" anyways.

In the words of the famous Charles Dickens.