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Indian Reservations buried under several feet of snow & ice w/ no power or water

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"But our winner, the United States Senate Committee on Indian Affairs. Where are you guys? Three major Native American reservations in South Dakota, particularly the Cheyenne River Reservation, have been buried under snow and ice with major power failures, for two weeks.

Power lines down, thousands of other Lakota and other tribes people, already face 75 to 85% unemployment, before a blizzard and an ice storm that added six inches of ice weight to utility poles – hit. Two weeks since those lines were knocked down and most of the electricity went with it. They managed to get the water turned back on at Cheyenne River, unfortunately most of the water goes into a pipe system that failed during the storm. The pipes are broken. With the wind chill it was minus 19 there today. What we find out about this on the Senate Committee of Indian Affairs – some means of donating to the affected tribes, means of underwriting the energy companies now distributing propane tanks by hand? An emergency hearing on a crisis there? Nothing. There’s a committee meeting Thursday to discuss regular business. The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs – AWOL. Today’s worst persons in the world."

Olbermann did that last week. Its been 3 weeks without power now, and temps are dropping to 35 BELOW ZERO. You can donate to the Cheyenne River Tribe here. Their emergency budget has already been depleted by the storms.

"The suicide rate among American Indian teenagers is 250 percent higher than the national average."


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    "Ain't nobody got it worse than the Indians!" - Chris Rock
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    And so there were none... Operation Genocide complete

    Lil blue foot.. shed an icey tear

    In all seriousness WTF.. they need to get on this .... 3 weeks ago
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    WTF, this is the 🤬 i'm talking about...

    My peoples my folks are suffering out there... we get overshadowed and suffer in silence..

    Some 🤬 right here... i'm in shock yo!

    why isn't this 🤬 broadcasted everywhere... Being a native american and having to grow up on the reservation, life is hard out there man.. so i can imagine the 🤬 they going thru.

    O yea and 🤬 keith olbermann.

    Aye, swift, thanks for bringing this to attention.. 🤬 is real. The suicide rate for native american teenager's is at an all time high... kids hanging themselves in public school, school counselors shooting themselves at home because they feel hopeless for these kids that are already hopeless and can't really do nothing about it, no funding to provide the youth acitivities so they could at least be better off than at home with 🤬 parents or abandon and no one to come home too...man this 🤬 right here break's my heart an i"m glad i"m not the only one that see's this..I've done lived and experince this type of life on the reservation, had to escape but i still go and provide for the fam back home still strugglin..

    They tryna abolish the native american's... 🤬 is 🤬 up, my people still living in third country environments and this is the U.S, supposely the the country that takes care if it's citizens and every american having to have basic life necessities, and my people don't... some 🤬 im telling u..
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    The Native American population in America, has been killed, maimed and destroyed since the Anglos came to America, Why would you expect their help now. Its the same hate and prejudice, just wrapped up in a neater bow.