What's up everyone. We are doing a contest with T.I. and we are giving away $1200 a day for the next 10 days. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.

20 Dollars *Keep the buck rolling*

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10 year old birthday
smile of the century
one tooth missing
cake looking pitiful
momma got the earful
yelling and repelling
🤬 and dishing
whipping out the complaints
kids running around the house
about to sing happy birthday
bday hat on tilt
la da la da lada melodies of the song
overheard and overdone
how old are you?
goofy replies and laughter that turns to sighs
more gifts for the bday boy
toys, a game system of somesort, and a card with a fresh twenty
never seen this amount of money in his life
despite the quarter on the ground and a dollar from aunt Leone
so...here comes the bull
🤬 stumbling and tumbling
happy birthday slurs and a miller light to match
SLAP AND PAT on the face
lace the face with trace of blood and makes the kids and family leave
people go and here comes the trip of it
gifts flying all over...beer bottle flies out of hand
demand of money for 🤬
she gives him the twenty without a clue
walks out stumbling
boy smiles without a trace of rumbling anger
"at least he stop by to see me"


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    Scortching hot, feelings in the air that something is about to pop,
    chilling in lo lo's parking lot, not coming from eating but begging for a meal,
    Lil bro mean muggin, ready to 🤬 , ready to steal, looks that scream "can ya'll feel?"
    Left at age 6, stuck with folks like I was in a orphange caught up In the mix,
    Leader of the clique, lil bro grew up to quick, was ready to call it quits,
    I'm like 🤬 that, 🤬 the chump change, hustle off a few cents to make a few dollars,
    now the Feds watching, they hawking, everywhere I'm walking they stalking,
    Pushing weights, playing with fire, awaiting for our fate,
    went to bed with feelings of hate, wanted to escape the state, we rotted like the smell of milk crates,
    Like a match that lit my brain I zoned into that NY state of mind, stayed on my grind,
    I' no longer hustle for the 20 since I turned 20, i now stack a hunnid of 20's..
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    🤬 staggering rambling tampering
    with the change in his cup
    begging and on edge "can you spare a dime"
    🤬 i don't have it get a job
    and thats it
    A JOB is something I'm rarely seeing
    being 40 something missing out on the world
    lost my girl age 28, took the son age 12
    rewind the snorting with the 20
    use to have a roll of 20s
    and getting a job with an advance
    lots of money and plenty of 20s
    lord willin i will meet a concealing friend with ambitions
    to ruin my life
    one puff i was in zone 9
    one sniff cloud 19
    20 steps away from rehab
    failure and so the forecast for today
    broke and bitter with nothing to say
    paid my dues so pastor go that a way
    no need for a drive by save me Jesus
    when Jesus is a 🤬 object my subway mate carries and tags
    with candles and prayer stances
    i dance with the subject and moved on
    jeez i need money so my hunger pains can be gone
    got 20 cents worth of change
    🤬 fool gets thrown out of nearby strip joint
    staggering cup in hand daggered eyes
    bitter red nose and a good times frown
    father of 1 and no hope of changing his lifestyle
    collapsed in the snow
    see the bank roll
    20 flies out of hand lands on shoe
    out of it flowing mumbles and slurs
    let me take this off of your hands
    20/20 vision with 20.20 senses
    time for celebration
    🤬 for the win