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LE Tournament #1 ROUND ONE Wrap Up!!!

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Round One was tough. Few battlers couldn't follow the 16 line rule, some tried to vote sway, some found it hard to focus on writing a battle verse instead of boasting, two people stepped out, one was replaced in time, someone cheated and got DQ'd and 5 of the 8 battles ended in a KO! Here is your round one wrap up:

by KO
No one thought chris kyte had a chance in this battle!! Everyone was predicting L24 to come away with it. Even though Legend24 still came away with it with a KO, it was a lot closer than everyone expected it would be BC chris had a couple of really hot lines. Thing is, the rest of his verse wasn't really much so that's why L24 came away with it.

Not sure if many people knew about 7th Ward Slim but no one was giving him love in the predictions thread. Probably one of the smartest rappers I've gotten a chance to communicate with via the IC in awhile and respectful too. This battle was the closest battle IMO. After C.Melendez dropped, Slim came in and at first posted 29 lines!!! LOL. I had to close the thread until be finally cut it down. He didn't like chopping his verse up to match C.Melendez's lines but it paid off in the end. 7thwardslim got the upset and is moving on!

Moving onto round 2: Legend24 VS 7thwardslim

by Disqualifition
No one had any idea who was going to win this battle. thedesolateone has respect, experience, knows what's up and was ready so it seemed as though people were split BC The_Hamburger is a big talker. Even though thedesolateone posted first, The_Hamburger had everything going for him. Trying to hype himself with random posts and taking his time but it was a disapointment. The_Hamburger bit Jay-Z's entire verse from the H.A.M track with Kanye West. Instand disqualification. Funny thing is, even if Jay-Z never spit that and The_Hamburger came up with it to battle thedesolateone, he would've probably lost anyway BC by the time he was caught, he was losing 0-2. The battle reminded me of thedesolateone beating a tired imposter up BC it wasn't even close, that it was a joke like this.........

esco soprano
by default
Basically, we ran into a bump midway through Round One BC a couple battlers had not checked in yet but supersajinfo just messaged me saying he can't make it. I was able to replace JayEyeTheKing in time with love yal in another battle but BC of due dates, esco is going to have to move on by default. It only seems fitting seeing that he will be facing thedesolateone who also moving on by disqualification but would still be moving on.

Moving onto round 2: thedesolateone VS esco soprano

love yal
by KO
Thank 🤬 I was able to find a replacement for JayEyeTheKing. That's what this battle started out to be. tupacfan vs JayEyeTheKing but he couldn't make the commitment so love yal stepped in and took his spot. I'm not going to lie, soon as I read love yal's verse, I was with thinking just like this...
But tupacfan knew what was up and how to win but respect to love yal, stick around and keep battling!

Disciplined InSight
by KO
I got to give my respects to FOREVER92 for giving text battling a shot. Soon as this battle begun, it was over BC the voters just got in on this. Disciplined InSight took care of business but I hope FOREVER92 sticks around BC he had some really sick lines. Wouldn't be surprised if he won one of these in the future.

Moving onto round 2: tupacfan VS Disciplined InSight

Jaw Breaker
by KO
I like Jaw Breaker's attitude. He gave it a shot against sniperk but was edged out in a close battle. sniperk just had one too many punches for Jaw Breaker but I hope JB learns from this and makes a comeback.

by KO
I really didn't see many hard punches here. These battlers showed each other much respect. It was a close one to me but this battle was a perfect example of how not to follow the 16 line mandatory rule LOL.

Moving onto round 2: sniperk VS Aquaf!nafloe

[size=+2]GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE IN ROUND 2!!!!![/size]


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    damn....good battle 7th i reread the battle and thought it was a close call...I too think maybe i got a lil too cute with....usually the agressive machete wielding is my style, but anyway in the words of mike singletary Thank him for giving me my medicine now i got to take it lol...I'll be ready for the next tourney though...good luck to all the ones to move forward and hopefully I can make it in time to vote on people battles
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    I know I' came in late, but I have to say that Cejota was robbed in his battle with 7th. In my opinion at least. 7th's punches were lackluster in the first half of his verse, at times, but I'm hoping he can shut me up in his next battle and 🤬 it. I should have the time to vote in this next round now.