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Who wears Rugby??

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i just got on to rugby and im tryna step my rugby game up is online the only place i can get em?? Where you get yours from??


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    rugby shirts are usually worn within the fall/winter seasons. You can wear them in the spring but the fabrics would be a little to thick for the spring (unless you live in a colder climate).

    You can get a rugby at:


    but the fall/winter season is currently over and we are in the cruise season (hence youre beginning to see blue & white strips, sailor looking attire, more vibrant colors and etc); which isnt really a big season because it's a transition between winter and spring.
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    u are tardy....I played rugby and i rock rugby. U can go to rugby.com that affiliiated with Polo. I got so much 🤬 from them i barely buy their 🤬 no more, and their prettyboy 🤬 , not made half as well as real ones. I only 🤬 with legit rugbys i could wear in a game. those 🤬 are so tough that even kids yankin and pulling on the neck for a tackle dont budge the shirt at all. these are real rugbys



    search the web but U can thank me for those links those are legit rugbys 100% garuntee u will be the only one in your hood with them
  • BiLLZ333BiLLZ333 Members Posts: 480
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    dont know where u live, NYC all kids rock is rugby/polo/moncler/gucci etc. theres not many official rugby store locations...see if u live near these i been to almost every one

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