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Colin Kaepernick refuses “to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people”...



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    Donald Trump wanted to cause this divide and get away from what the protest is really about, police brutality and racial inequality. He did this by appealing to so called "Patriots" who now feel entitled to voice their racist beliefs. This is not about patriotism, it's racism disguised as that. They are not opposed to the protest of the flag, they are opposed to black people not doing what they are told. Especially rich athletes who have a platform to speak out on a national level. They believe that these athletes are here for their entertainment only and when they make millions they need to shut up and behave as white people see fit. When these people don't "behave appropriately" and unite with members of their race who have no platform, this prompts fear because they are scared of that unity and the racism becomes even more apparent. These are the dividers, not the protestors.
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    ...what they shoulda did is refuse to do press talk after games...but that would 🤬 up there $$$

    Nothing changed but it "gets people talkn"

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    Trillfate wrote: »

    Those devils didn't know who he was 48 hours ago

    so now that he didnt make a statement...

    do they give his shirts back cuz their support was if he stood against them.
    but now he actually stand with them....the support was false.

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    Everything people are saying about Ray Lewis is right though. At this point it doesn't matter what he does. If he had twelve legs and took twelve knees, he'd still be a 🤬 🤬 .

    this had me literally in tears lmao


    ‘I just can’t take the pain’: C-SPAN caller bawls on air because NFL players kneeling ‘hurts too much’

    A C-SPAN caller on Monday began crying on the air because she said NFL players who are protesting the national anthem made watching football “too painful” for her.

    The caller on Washington Journal‘s “independents line” explained to host Pedro Echevarria that she was boycotting the NFL because she agreed with President Donald Trump’s assertion that players should have more respect for the American flag and national anthem.

    “I’m a big huge football fan but I can’t watch it anymore because it brings tears to my eyes,” Sharon from Williamstown, New Jersey explained. “It’s too painful so I can’t do that.”

    According to Sharon, the flag “is a symbol of imperfect people in an imperfect country always trying to do the right thing.”

    “It’s just shameful and it hurts me to see people taking a knee when we are supposed to be joyful about living in this country,” she said. “After I saw what happened [with players kneeling during the anthem], I tried to watch it and I just couldn’t because I just kept crying.”

    And true to her word, Sharon broke down in tears.

    “I just don’t understand why people do these things,” she sniffled. “I miss my Monday nights. I’m an addict. I have two televisions on watching two different timezones. I’m crazy about football but I just can’t take the pain.”

    “It hurts… too much,” Sharon concluded.

    blackrain wrote: »
    Wayment...did I just see Jerry Jones and the Cowboys kneel together?

    dont believe the hype.. they were very specific in saying it was for unity. they did it before the anthem.. and went through the motions.. this is whitewashing.. they talked it over with their coaches owners to make it appropriate it was compromised

    The power of a photo of AMERICA'S TEAM kneeling in unison can't be undersold tho. Cacs are dumb and we can fake news them with this to lower their morale. Trickery, deception, propaganda. Turn that back on the enemy, they're already primed to believe "🤬 even Jerry Jones hates cops and Murica now!!", further weaken the hand of these NFL billionaires before they renegotiate with the players union.

    This is a golden opportunity to pit the NFL's slavemasters against Trump's 🤬 foot soldiers. The former loses in money, the latter loses the joy of watching football like that crybaby on C-SPAN.
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    Sad part is, Trumps approval ratings will prolly get a boost over this smh
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    Nkombe wrote: »
    May have been posted already but worth posting twice. Sharpe is the truth. When this brotha speaks I know he will never waste words. He kind of reiterates what many of us have been saying but people on his platform have neglected to point out.

    I gave this a GOAT b4 I even pushed play cuz I know Shannon dropped some real 🤬

    I got up early today just to see what he had to say. I'm glad someone with his position in sports media was one of the first to put the bs on wax

    I was oh so glad he called out Lewis and McCoy on their bs. Cot damn I wish I worked for the NSA SO I can listen to that phone call Shannon made to Lewis.
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    🤬 need stop wacking people's multiple posts. The site is clearly having issues.

    Stop being dumb.
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    And The Conquer & Divide Tactics Begin

    Denver Broncos star pass rusher Von Miller knew very well that kneeling for the national anthem could cost him money. His teammate, linebacker Brandon Marshall, took a knee last season and lost endorsements.

    The same thing happened to Miller on Monday. Phil Long Ford in Denver said it wouldn’t be continuing its sponsorship agreement with Miller, the Super Bowl 50 MVP who is enormously popular in Denver. A spokesman for Phil Long Ford told CBS4 in Denver that it wasn’t firing Miller, but it was in a contract renewal negotiation and Miller kneeling for the anthem caused them to cut that off.
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    Throw Mexico up there too
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    Yup, same thing I always say. There is no right time to protest. The people who say it's the wrong time and place will say that wherever you protest. They just want you to shut up. If we were waiting around for white people to approve of where we protest we'd still be on the back of the bus.

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    How I posted this 🤬 5 times is beyond me… I blame The Maven
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    Racism still exist DKhauUrWAAI4Obm.jpg
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    So whats the thoughts on the blacks that are still singing the anthem?
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    Nkombe wrote: »
    May have been posted already but worth posting twice. Sharpe is the truth. When this brotha speaks I know he will never waste words. He kind of reiterates what many of us have been saying but people on his platform have neglected to point out.

    I will say I purposely listened to a lot of sports talk radio and looked at comments being made and saw a few people reiterate this same point about people hopping on late and 🤬 it up by kneeling for Trump and not what Kaep originally knelt for. I was shocked because I did not expect it at all from so many to get that point
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