You're In A High Speed Chase For An Hour - What Album You Bumpin?

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    I'm thinking Straight Outta Compton might be a good album for an hour long car chase
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    And if they don't 🤬 me they'll gimme a number I can't do
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    Cant think of an album but if i were to make a playlist, these would be some of the tracks i play.

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    cnn the war report
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    You been watching baby driver?
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    Freebird by Lynard skynard. On repeat.
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    achewon87 wrote: »

    5 million goats
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    Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys: Kings of Crunk
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    100 MILES & RUNNIN'...
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    UGK- Ridin' 🤬
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    Playing music would be the last thing on my mind in a high speed car chase.
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    6-Disc CD Changer, on disc shuffle

    Janelle Monae - The Electric Lady

    Bone Thugs - East 1999 Eternal

    Pastor Troy - By Any Means Necessary

    India Arie - Songversation

    Krit : Return of 4eva

    Clipse - Road To Till The Casket Drops

    It all depends on why im not pulling over, but 6 albums for 6 different scenarios
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    2 Fast 2 Furious Soundtrack

    thinkin bout Eva Mendes as they put me in handcuffs
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    Watch the throne
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    Lou_Cypher wrote: »
    Freebird by Lynard skynard. On repeat.

    Lol going out like the ending of the Devils rejects
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    It's Dark and Hell Is Hot
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    Thug Motivation 101.... Coppers ain't catching me playing that album
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