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39-year-old father came home from prison & impregnated his 17-year-old daughter.

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The story I’m about to tell you is beyond some of our understanding. The female in the story I’m not sure whether to call her a victim or a participant, however due to her age we will just call her a victim, because this happened when the girl was almost 17-years-old. But the grooming started when she was much younger. For that reason, her name will not be mentioned in this story.

Currently there are no media stories, KissyDenise.com is posting the first site to report on this Florida 🤬 case.

[img]https://askkissy.files.wordpress.com/2017/11/willie-edward-griffin-🤬 .jpg?resize=500%2C454[/img]

Kissimmee, Florida – A father went to prison and developed a relationship with his daughter. The daughter would write her father, post on his Facebook page, and visit him.

39-year-old Willie Edward Griffin has spent a big part of his life, in and out of the American prison system. He’s been arrested on various charges including, 🤬 possession with intent to manufacture and deliver, assault with a deadly weapon, possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, homicide and manslaughter by negligence.

Griffin is a real life thug. So much of a thug that he has “Killer Thug” tatted on his back. His arrest records goes back to at least 1999, from my short research. (It could be longer)



On September 18, 2000, a woman named Donna, gave birth to a baby girl. The baby girl’s father is Willie Griffin. While incarcerated Griffin managed to develop a close relationship with his daughter.

The baby mama or her guardian would foster this relationship by allowing the daughter to visit her father in prison. We don’t know the exact person due to the girl saying she was adopted.

Photographs of the father and daughter would be taken.


Although in and out of prison, Griffin grew very close to his daughter. We now know he grew a little too close, as their relationship read more like a woman waiting for her man to come home from prison.

We can see their relationship playing out due to Griffin somehow having access to the internet, while inside. The two used Griffin’s Facebook page to communicate while he was locked up.


On January 17, 2012 Willie Griffin appeared to speak about loving a woman and noted that the woman would always love him.

That woman turned out to actually be his 12-year-old daughter. As she responded in the comments saying it’s hard to live with him, her father.



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    Willie Griffin responded by telling his daughter to be strong and that he would be home soon.

    More posts…


    On August 11, 2013 the 12-year-old girl logged into her father’s page and posted that she loves her thug daddy.


    Willie would also post the same black and white photo to his page calling his daughter “My lil thug ms.”

    On September 18, 2013 the teen posted that it was 🤬 first and then her Daddy, like a grown woman would say about her man. The teen appeared to be obsessed about her earthly father.


    Later in the day on September 18, 2013 Willie posted a photo collage of his daughter on her 13th Birthday, noting how good looking she was.



    The teen gets older and blooms into a nice looking young lady. At some point, possibly in 2014, her father was out of prison, and she was a cheerleader.


    The two seem really close on photos after this.



    At some point Willie was sent back to prison.


    Then he got out again. Willie cycled in and out of the prison system, but remained in constant contact with his daughter.


    On September 17, 2017 the teen posted from her own Facebook page to her Father’s page. She said she loved her father more than life itself. She had a great time with her father for her birthday. He even gave his baby girl shopping money.

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    On November 8, 2017, the teen posted about her baby being 3 weeks old, and said she doesn’t regret getting pregnant regardless of the circumstances. Her statement is a bit mentally disturbing, seeing as to what we now know


    It appears the baby has some health issues.


    On November 15, 2017 Willie Jenkins was arrested for 🤬 and sexual battery of a victim ages 12-17 by a custodian.


    Many believed that the story had to be fake. However KissyDenise.com confirmed the arrest charges with the sheriff’s department. This is an active investigation in Osceola County, Florida.

    [img]https://askkissy.files.wordpress.com/2017/11/willie-edward-griffin-arrest-🤬 .jpg?resize=500%2C347[/img]

    As to the arrest affidavit, KissyDenise put in a media request for information, this post will be updated when a response is given.

    From the intel I gathered from reading and investigating, she was adopted and then sexually abused for years. Some of her family tried to talk her into abortion but she decided to keep the baby.

    She seems extremely elated with her decision and doesn’t care what anyone has to say. People have a lot to say, as the story is going viral on Facebook.


    As to the teen’s mother. The teen claims she was adopted and had a chance to live with her birth mother, but decided not to.

    However some of Willie’s photos are tagged with a woman named Donna. Willie calls Donna his “baby mama.” Right now we’re not for sure if Donna is the birth mother or the adoptive mother. But Willie is the birth father.

    But here’s her photo with her new boyfriend. But it looks like they broke up, due to the mood of her most recent Facebook posts.


    In June Donna alleged that a grown man was sleeping with a child…

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    But one month later it was all good again…


    Another photos from Donna’s Facebook profile.


    We also learned the father and daughter couple had a baby shower… and posted all of this stuff publicly.

    Willie Griffin was released from jail today, hours after KissyDenise.com contacted the Osceola County Sheriff’s department.

    Griffin claims he didn’t go to court and that no charges were filed upon his release.


    However, KissyDenise.com once again contacted the Sheriff’s department and was told that Griffin’s court date was today (Monday), and he was released on a PR bond. Maybe his appearance wasn’t needed in court today…

    Regardless, the charges have not been dropped. The case is still open and ongoing. Maybe Griffin doesn’t understand the court proceedings? Even though he’s been to court a lot.

    We will keep you updated on this strange case.

    https://www.kissydenise.com/2017/11/20/father-arrested-pregnate-17-year-old-daughter-🤬 -willie-edward-griffin/
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    I think every thing above broward county needs to be nuked or let an earth quake break the state or a flood just submerge all that 🤬 leaving Miami the keys and ft lauder dale to be an island. West palm beach can go to we don't need those 🤬 either.
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    Im from florida..i think if she was 18 it would be aight kus she grown..live an let live
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