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We need to stop actin like black and white people don't sound differently.



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    @jetlifebih a real one for gassing the thread.
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    I used to be a service tech, and before I arrive at a customers house. I had to call them and let them on my way. I’ve done this so much, I can tell by a persons voice. What they look like, and what they have on.

    No matter how u speak, black people and white people do not sound alike
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    Real talk, one time I was training a dude and on the last call I told him about it and he didn’t believe me.

    I called the customer and listened to her, got off the phone. Told homie

    Black female, mid to late twenties, long hair with brown highlights, slim with a 🤬 , red flannel shirt with dark brown yoga pants.

    This 🤬 was like

    “Bruh u need a vacation, 🤬 outta here”

    We get to the door, I step back and told homie to knock. He knocks, shorty comes to the door,....looking exactly like I said she would, wearing exactly what I said she’d have on.

    Homie didn’t even introduce us..just stood there, mouth open


    She almost closed the door cause she thought it was a prank or something
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    Strange as it is bruh, u sound like what u have on...I can’t explain it, u just do