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Hookups you're ashamed of



  • mr. mista xxlusive
    mr. mista xxlusive Members Posts: 1,458 ✭✭
    edited July 2010
    yeh I had my handful of Ls....ewwwwl. dont know what the 🤬 I was on. Im just glad I never bumped into em at a local spot while im accompanied by a bad chick or my homeboys..aint nothin embarrassing than having a wilderbeast come to greet u in front of ya folks and u have to explain ya association with them. I usually hit em up with the, "she used to be a co-worker at my old job" or "she was in my class. shared me her notes and helped me pass the class"

    but da last beast that i smashed came thru in the late night like around 2,3am. I was drinkin and was in da hunt for some 🤬 and i guess she heard/felt my 🤬 from afar and so she hit me up. i let her come thru and smashed. the sex was aight but when I nutted, I thought the condom popped, or ripped a lil on the bottom or somethin. I freaked the 🤬 out! all the thoughts that were running thru my head like how the 🤬 imma explain this to my fam. I thought I was a gonner but fortunately there were no cuts or holes in the condom. i was 🤬 relieved. I couldn't even stand that 🤬 when I sobered up. i hate the way she talked, the 🤬 she talks about, the way she walked and that morning I realized how crusty this 🤬 feet was. Man I was like,"how the 🤬 I let myself 🤬 that?" Had me paranoid. I was lookin around to make sure none of my neighbors saw what I had comin in and out da house, smh.

    I stepped my game up now. I dont smash any chicks that I would be ashamed of to be seen with in public, or better yet, if I can't see u as my baby moms if the unexpected fortune was to happen then i aint smashin. SMH at 🤬 who aciidentally skeeted inside a night owl..I cant afford that L
  • Mdizzle9000
    Mdizzle9000 Members, Writer Posts: 8,319 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2010
    ugh my boys fat cousin....her 🤬 wasnt even good. she had big 🤬 though.
    J-GUTTA Members Posts: 9,107 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2010
    rakim ii wrote: »
    smh i once smash'd this one legged shorty......nuff said

    you should have just ran it's not like she could have chased after you..
  • vagrant-718
    vagrant-718 Members Posts: 4,569 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Damn, how many pages back you went to resurrect this thread ?
  • Max.
    Max. Members Posts: 33,009 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I 🤬 this ugly chubby broad..brought her over at 1am didn't want know one to see me with her...beat that 🤬 up got head..

    Another time I 🤬 a 30 sumthn year old Latina she looked kinda old...body was koo..bitc reeked off cigarette smoke...she brushed her teeth before we fuckdd..n she hadrhis ugly ass lower back tattoo..but 🤬 damn did she have a goat 🤬 arch n was thick

  • 9TRAY
    9TRAY EverywhereMembers Posts: 6,830 ✭✭✭✭✭
    None. I don't trick my Meat off on Stunts I didn't wanna' 🤬 .
  • gns
    gns Bleeding 24/7 Members Posts: 21,285 ✭✭✭✭✭
    laroc wrote: »
    Was playing wingman for my co-worker. Started drinking. I fuked a big 🤬 . End of story! LOL

    Muthafuckin ditto.
    Only difference mine was big and mugly. That 🤬 (my coworker) can't say I wasn't a good mofuckin friend.
  • silverfoxx
    silverfoxx Sion Guests, Members, Writer, Content Producer Posts: 11,704 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Alot of Cool stories bros! Lmao keep them coming...pause.
  • jay83
    jay83 Members Posts: 5,490 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hooked with with a big girl in the elevator. Well, we had to use the freight elevator but still.
  • Desi_416
    Desi_416 Members Posts: 724 ✭✭✭✭
    silverfoxx wrote: »
    Desi_416 wrote: »
    Man this one time just pops into my head randomly and forces me to reevaluate life decisions it was so bad...me and a few of my ppls decided to hit an after hours last summer after a night of sitting at my homeboys crib smoking blunts. Nigguhs was haunted and just felt like goin out, "no" was not an option so we figured hit the after hours and make some money while we at it.

    So we there, having a few drinks smoking blunts n 🤬 , I wasn't even drinking real heavy at the time, I had to cool it with the alcohol for a bit after a few reckless episodes, this skinny, coked out, nasty teeth havin, cigarette in one hand ash down to the filter holding, scallywag walks up to us at the bar, and stands next to me tryna push up her ass on me n 🤬 , now to my defense me and my girl split up like a week before that so I was on a beat a 🤬 up mission, I start tellin her she can come back to the spot with us, she seemed bout it but she had this corny ass dude with her who was like her boyfriend/friend/chaperone, I dunno but he kept 🤬 blocking the play. My ppl lost interest mad quick cause this 🤬 was like a 2 at best, but homegirl told me to leave with her, her friends truck was parked outside and we could figure something out, I was like 🤬 it why not, that's what I did. We go back to the truck, corny chaperone follows us, he hopes in the driver seat me and her get in the back, shorty proceeds to give me head but the whole time I just kept thinking bout her teeth and that the nastiness was touching my 🤬 , she throws a condom over it and We start 🤬 , this whole time chaperone is driving all around downtown, dude just drove like nothing was going on, Im tryna nut quick and hop out this truck cause at this point I'm thinking I'm having my first cuckold experience and its not what I expected it to be, I swear I musta killed the 🤬 or something cause soon as I utted she hopped off and like a second later just folded in half and fell off the back seat, dude in the front was like she's fine, just leave her like that. I got dropped off back at my boys spot I get in the apartment just as one of them is telling a couple others that just stopped by about how I left with this 🤬 that them nigguhs nicknamed cinnamon on account of her brown teeth, to this day motha fuckas will randomly say "cinnamon" and die laughing.

    Bruh. YOU BOLD AF. I probably would have assumed them 🤬 was setting me up. Thats why i dont drink or smoke so i can have clear judgement lol.

    I feel u G, more times I wouldn't even have gave that 🤬 a second thought but I could already tell the corny dude was way to corny and even somewhat shook to pull a set up... Still though I play that situation back in my head like once a week on some wtf was I thinking type 🤬 ,
  • Purr
    Purr Evil Chuck Season. Jumpman jumpman Jumpman dat girl up to something!!!Members Posts: 32,382 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Well, I had my first lesbian experience with a super obese 🤬 . :(
  • Trollio
    Trollio Trollololololololololol Members Posts: 25,817 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Noir wrote: »
    Well, I had my first lesbian experience with a super obese 🤬 . :(

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