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The final IC Confessions thread....



  • Elzo69Renaissance
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    marc123 wrote: »
    Hold up! some of yall really met up irl?

    Elzo met the most men from this forum

    Real 🤬 too....
  • Ghost313
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    This 🤬 still rocking?
  • marc123
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    marc123 wrote: »
    Hold up! some of yall really met up irl?

    Elzo met the most men from this forum

    LMAO! 🤬 was gettin catfished on purpose lol
  • LcnsdbyROYALTY
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    marc123 wrote: »
    Hold up! some of yall really met up irl?

    Elzo met the most men from this forum

    Real 🤬 too....

    Looks like someone had a good time last night

    This 🤬 trying to flirt.... 🤬 .....one thing I won't miss bout this place....gayliases

    I thought I was the only one that caught that 🤬 ... Scust @ Conflict
  • Max.
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  •  i ro ny
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    TonyDubbz wrote: »
    Dupac wrote: »
    iight 🤬 it here i go..
    ice cream eboni was my first IC friend....we stayed in touch prolly the first year of my posting career, even though she just stopped posting....

    me and wallH/mastery been cool for a minute....that's the homie forreal.....i text him and cain about random 🤬 all the time....like we definitely cool from the site... but i interact with them just as much as my regular friends...

    stew taller than i thought.....lol, we barhopped on a dead night in fell's point... stillhad afun.. but it wasn't like anything was crazy

    shotta came by the bar i work at now a few times.....we went to another club one night....the dj hopped out the booth, fought a 🤬 in the court yard...then hopped back in the dj booth to finish mixing.... me and that 🤬 was in that 🤬 dying.....

    met fundz punk ass before....lol, he still cool though,,we cool on facebook....

    in fact i'm cool with hella people on facebook.....i ain't gonna name everybody......but even folk yall never see anymore like kimi & ak....we still wish each other well on major life events n 🤬 like that...

    before we got married, me and m wife were like 75-80% ready to go to florida and kick it with hummingbird......we had a serious conversation about what we would be comfortable doing and what we wouldn't just incase 🤬 went down... lol

    ummm the 🤬 beef was extra as 🤬 ..... 🤬 posted my mom's hosue adress and phone number one night.....i was like....these 🤬 ....

    the Capb beef was legit because i had gotten into a beef with a 🤬 right before i started posting...(we shot at the 🤬 in a hotel down town on mlk day......the only reason we got away cuz all the cops were at the parade) and when i started posting, i used to go at him, cuz i felt all them 🤬 was the same and he was lame... but over time i can admit i was the lame one in that beef.....

    speaking of beefs....i don't think none of them were really that serious.

    i remember me and my wife kicking it with irony in bmore and telling him the jamel beef was silly, but he knew we was gonna joke about that....

    chicity cool as 🤬 , he's come to the bar, and met him down fell's point before...

    obfresh my little sister forreal, we stay talking on facebook

    The ps4 GTA crew is the realest 🤬 on line.... me and Jamel always kicking it on there..i was legit playing GTa with dubbz and his homeboy nuclear when i found out my pops died last year.....🤬 just kept plaing video games talking about the 🤬 ......dubbz a real one...

    jonesy is my heart for real, that's the homie...like i got mad love for that woman....we just always got along, she never hesitated to pull me up about 🤬 , and we just kept it 100 with each other....never met up, but we stay in contact, so it's just a matter of convenience.....same with chuck....love her to death......

    khaleesi never caused the least bit of strife in my marriage.....if anything my wife got irritated that i felt the need to explain myself... but as everybody here knows, i always do that 🤬 when it's not needed....so i mean whatever
    it's just that 🤬 went down at the exact same time her mom passed, and that was not a good time for any of us.....as a family that 🤬 rocked us more than it should have..i have a bad habit of over spending when i'm depressed... and i did a lotta that 🤬 ...it's still biting me in the ass....

    it's nice to see that she's matured... but i haven't.....i'm still the same 🤬 ......so it's still 🤬 her...and if she shows up at abw it'll still be 🤬 her there too......i make no excuses for my shortcomings.....i'm petty....

    i've been demodded twice now, lol

    the first time was dealing with some 🤬 with six crazy ass... there were a million rumors floating around, and one night i set a bunch of them straight... greg ain't like that 🤬 ,...so i got banned...and demodded.....jay fought for me...and got me my spot back, but i think that's why it was so hard to get me back the second time around...

    it wasn't that i really did anything wrong, greg was just prolly 🤬 my name came up again...i mean a letter went to the 🤬 owneer...somebodies head had to rolll.....and since i was in the letter, it was my head that did the rolling....Sion fought hard for a 🤬 .. and I respect the 🤬 outta that. Jamel and Cain were bout to be on some dumb 🤬 , lol.........AND i got chewed out by Chuck and Jonesy,...well not chewed out, but they were both disappointed in me... and call it what yall want... that hurt a little....so that's really why i fell back....but yea i was Guy Gardner...comic book hero from baltimore....it wasn't hard to put two and two together....everybody i 🤬 with knew it was me....so i was cool

    All in out. i think I have the best assortment of friends and allies on the IC. I've been approached 3 or more times by posters in real life....

    gtariq i think was his name rolled up on me at a barber shop
    detcatincva went to college with my wife..we actually took a pic together at their senior formal
    and kampushme worked at the sam's club we always go to......lol, he finally spoke to us one day....

    there's been others but i forget...

    there's so much 🤬 that happened in here that i'll take to my grave......great place though.....great people....great experience...

    shout out to DRO for sending us a wedding gift, lol, it was a comforter.. lol, it still on the bed too, lol
    shout out to goldie for giving a 🤬 another chance, lol.....yo...i know yall heard a little about it.... but the 🤬 we went through on the Black Board, up until we all settled on ABW was prolly some of the funnest 🤬 i've ever experienced on the internet...🤬 that was a jorney....

    hout out to AP21, Judge judah, Cain,Dubbz, ChiCity, Young Josh, knock twice, ....that whole crew.....yo we had way too much fun.....

    Allergerns too...that 🤬 funny as 🤬 ....yall don't even be knowing ...lol

    i dunno, what else to say...i guess ask me anything.. it's whatever....i've always been a open book,

    i will say though... these online forums are the best thing on the internet, and the IC was the best of the best for a long ass time....

    I'm sure wherever i go at in life...the influence of this place will always follow me...

    i 🤬 with yall

    My 🤬 for life.

    Me & @Dupac both lost our fathers around the same time last year (if im not mistaken it was like weeks apart) I never posted about that 🤬 on here cause that really aint my style but I was havin a hard time dealin wit it cause we were kind of at odds with eachother. I never thought I'd be venting to 🤬 off the IC about some real life 🤬 but whenever Du and Banginscrew901 found out about it through one of our GTA homies they hit me up to make sure I was straight and I ended up having some real ass one on one convos with both of em about it and that 🤬 was just what I needed at that time so I appreciate yall for that 🤬 man.

    & I know this aint the thread for it but 🤬 it, this the end 🤬 !!! So I gotta shoutout to the whole squad... Stew, Jamel, Trollio, Cain, Lou, Reesey, Deemula, Splackavelli, VIBE, HAF, Dallas4eva, Dupac, Banginscrew901 and anybody else I might of forgot. I had a lot of good times wit yall in them GTA streets and all yall good in my book.

    Also shoutout my Trill Fam.. Busta, Bride, Nah Son, Sion, T.Sanford.( I'll see yall 🤬 on the other side!!)

    My OTTB 🤬 ! Max, MillzOG, SeriousJuiceMayne stupid ass, Playboibuddyrose 🤬 , Biz, Joker, KillaCham, Copper, Dupac, Stonecoldmikey, Alreadyhome, Brody, Bossman, OGDirtyDee, BDP, VIBE and anybody else who was 🤬 wit us.

    Dubbz just gonna pretend like he always had PlayStation. I see how it is, 🤬 .
  • king hassan
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    deadeye wrote: »
    I posted a chick I dated once and she contacted me and asked me to remove the pic, and she didn't even post on here some hatin ass clown snitched. And nothing bad was even said

    @king hassan

    Was it the big Rev Chick?

    Nah, and had a baby too , she big as 🤬 now.
  • king hassan
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    I had a sip or two with @BrideofKilla a few years back @ Red's on Stony, ain't seen her since, she cool as hell tho
  • OmegaConflict
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    I had a sip or two with @BrideofKilla a few years back @ Red's on Stony, ain't seen her since, she cool as hell tho

    But was she 🤬 ?
  • loch121
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    LOL this 🤬 still here.

    What 🤬 played himself on here?
  • JonnyRoccIT
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    Scumbag Thread will be a Goldmine for the right Person...
  • JonnyRoccIT
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    MadderFact, delete that whole thread altogether
  • buttuh_b
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    This 🤬 remind like the last episode of a sitcom series everyone parting ways reminiscing on the old days
  • silverfoxx
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    To Dem Caw Caw Boyz

    @AP21 @caddo man @Shizlansky @Beta @jee504 @Fosheezy @Crude_ @HafBayked

    We flocking to ABW? If not then catch me on r/Pelicans, tigerdroppings, or Pelicans report to speak basketball. Love my caw caws !
  • caddo man
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    AP21 already a mod over at ABW!
  • TonyDubbz
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    Lmao damn bruh you right @I ro ny my bad.. shoutout to the iLL Gang too. Eye, Lurk, Beta, Allergens, Sanchez, Billy Poncho, KangGoodie, Sage Wonder, ProdigalSon, Blazini and everybody else. Only reason I aint mention it is cause its been so damn long since I was runnin wit yall but you know its all love I had just as much fun runnin wit yall boys on 360 as I have had runnin wit the guys on the ps4, maybe in the future we'll finally be able to run crossplay on that 🤬 or something.
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    edited December 2017
    You kno what

    I kinda regret postin @BackInWhite boogawolf ass bm

    but sometimes during war there's collateral damage, got my 1st & only fof thread tho, so 🤬 it lol
  • CashmoneyDux
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    Brian B. wrote: »
    You kno what

    I kinda regret postin @BackInWhite boogawolf ass bm

    but sometimes during war there's collateral damage, got my 1st & only fof thread tho, so 🤬 it lol

    You ran bro off lmao
  • Fosheezy
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    man I’m gonna be ghost on the net from here on out, but check the username thread for my SC 🤬 y’all 🤬 like beats holla at me
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    500th post
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