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Home Theater or Box Office Theater?

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Spinoff of my comment in @ThatDamnJay thread Does Plat Still Matter? In April 2020, Universal released Trolls: World Tour exclusively on streaming on demand, and made more profits in 3 weeks than the first Trolls movie did in 5 months in regular box office theaters. Regal Cinemas and Universal had a big fight over this, with Regal refusing to show any Universal movie until they reached a deal (which I think they eventually did).

COVID-19 aside, do you think the movie theater has run its course? Everyone has gone hi-def from 1080p to 4K and now 8K. I think the movie world has to prepare for the same streaming fate as tv (Hulu, Amazon Prime etc.) Hell, it's already on the way with Netflix.



  • _Jay_
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    I think that the movie industry eventually bounces back, IF a vaccine comes along before the end of 2021. If it takes longer, I think it'll be a harder struggle. With that said, I doubt they all go out of business completely, there'll be some (much smaller) venues out there. Watching movies at home is only gonna get bigger, but there's still gonna be some folks who want the all-immersive experience.

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    20 years ago, I thought everything would be VR for gaming and movies by now (thinking about your all-immersive experience statement.)Oculus isn’t putting Samsung or LG out of business tho...

    Theater’s give a different feel. IDK, at one time, so did shopping in a brick-and-mortar store. Now, Amazon rules.

    I don’t know if the same would happen to theaters, but time will tell I guess.

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    I really wish these studios would release all these films on demand for the time being. Its understandable people dont want to gather in theaters, but the theater is the GOAT movie experience and I would never stop going. They're all closed around me though.

  • highbrisance
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    Regal and AMC were bleeding before COVID restrictions. No way they were gonna let that happen without a fight.

    Still, the movie studios are shelving their big releases until next year because they want the predictable money stream that comes from a big theater release. So they aren’t completely abandoning the cinemas, but it does look like they have an eye to the streaming future.

    I grew up with the “theater new release” experience, but I’m seeing the writing on the wall with streaming music and Amazon...seems like only a matter of time.