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Drake's Surgery Postpones "Certified Lover Boy" - AllHipHop.com

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imageDrake's Surgery Postpones "Certified Lover Boy" - AllHipHop.com

The rapper still needs time to recover from a knee injury, so he's postponed his highly anticipated album "Certified Lover Boy."

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  • Tony Finex
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    SMH, what kills me is he and all the other mainstream artists have had at least a year or more (since we on quarantine) to come up with and record music. So much time has passed with little to no travel due to the pandemic that there should absolutely be no excuse why an album per week shouldn’t be droppin from these mainstream artists! On top of that, it should be some of their best quality music! I understand he has to now rehab and all that but uhh ruhh the music should already be done and ready to be bought/streamed! Like what does his rehab have to do with puttin the music out? This goes for all the mainstream artists, not just him! We been gettin trash music on a daily if not weekly but at least the artists puttin it out is consistent with it!

  • Juli V
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    Must have been one hellova botch job they did on his lipo and a zz shots to pause the bag