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multi exercise

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I got, no respect for lames and no love for dames
more bullets for brains and bars for tracks than tunnels and trains
but don't push me cuz i'm not a killer, don't need revenge
to 2pac shot ya while you ridin in the driver's seat of the benz
few family and fewer friends, i and i be the one man army
I break trees calmly and plan the downfall of my foes who chose to harm me
Sun-Tzu of the boom bap, bring the art of war to rap
so when you layin ya tracks about traps i'm layin traps for your rats
consistantly dismissing weak opposition, my vision?
esteemed recognition for my words that illuminate minds like prisms
and if i don't get i take it, leavin my detractors faceless
tasteless disses with no basis can't harm somebody's who's one with the matrix
face it, no Trinity to save you, no Neo to pray to
either more-fee-us or I katana slice and razor blade you
Caining those who ain't able, mothers watch your sons
cuz this brothers keeping none on a quest for large sums

Meh, just felt like droppin somethin really with a lot of multies, criticism is of course welcome

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    not really feeling this. the rhymes felt like old news.
    like old dudes walking with gold shoes...it wasn't moving.
    there was something brewing, but the heat wasn't enough
    to set the spark off. next time, try using your bars for
    more than sounding like words, but sounding like sentences
    in the end, you'll thank me for letting you be my apprentice. it's...
    something i do 'on the random'.
    my critique: it was a little less than average. not enough to put my hands up.