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Seriously I mean dmn this is petty...

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Woman Locked Up for Low-Riding Pants
(Aug. 26) — You could say she got caught with her pants down.

A state judge in New Orleans sentenced a woman to 10 days in jail because she wore low-riding shorts in a courtroom. Kimberly Senette, 23, was held in direct contempt of court on Aug. 19 because her shorts showed off “[h]er panties and the top of her buttocks,” witnesses told NOLA.com.

Kimberly Senette was held in direct contempt of court on Aug. 19 because her shorts were riding low in a New Orleans courtroom.

Senette — who was wearing a T-shirt, sneakers and knee-length plaid shorts — went to the Jefferson Parish court to try to convince her younger brother to accept a plea deal related to charges of armed robbery and battery on a correctional officer. But Judge Steve Windhorst put Senette on trial for a crime of fashion.

When the judge questioned her about her shorts, Senette said her pants were riding low because she had been forced to remove her belt while going through security at the court’s entrance, according to the Smoking Gun.

For Windhorst, that answer didn’t hold up. He had Senette cuffed and held in the jury box behind her brother, who accepted a 12-year sentence as part of a plea deal. Senette was reportedly released from jail


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    petty or not, that's just how some judges are. i've seen some pretty atrocious apparel in courthouses before (worse than sagging pants), so i can't say i don't see their point to some extent.
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    10 days is way excessive for the point the judge was trying to make. Still, that point needs to be made. These kids don't seem to understand "Time and place for everything." This same chick would probably wear outfits like that to job interviews and end up getting nowhere in life. I mean we all know there are people out there like that.
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