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Over the past two years I have been getting crazy hand cramps during upper body workouts. Like, I'll grip the bar or handles and my hand will spasm into a death-grip on it. I literally have to pry that 🤬 off. It doesn't matter- left or right. It only happens near the end of my routines. Any suggestions? Anybody else experience this?


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    🤬 u can shake that off by grabbing some lotion and start grabbing on ya meat....
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    🤬 damn yes...nh

    this 🤬 happens to me all the time especially when I'm curling heavy weight or just benching at max...only thing I can really do is just like "rub" the cramp out of the hand, 🤬 hurts though 🤬 up rhythm of work out
    I usually have to end my workout when it happens. Like yesterday I wen to do an extra set of shoulder presses and it my 🤬 curled up like a 🤬 dude's hand. I bounced after that.
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    oh yeah that is a perfect description...hand starts looking like the guy on scary movie 2 with the "little hand"

    Lol! That's exactly what it looks like. 🤬 is embarrassing when somebody sees it!
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    Drink water and make sure you have plenty of sodium in your system...

    If you are having joint issues take fish body oil pills to help with added lubrication to your joints...
    Good lookin' out. I have been having joint issues but only with one arm. It gets still on the inside of my elbow. An particular brand of fish oil pills? I try to watch my sodium intake (bein' black and all). U know how that goes.