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For any producers who wanna collaborate with aspiring southern artist

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I'm an aspiring artist from Savannah, GA who is taking the initiative to learn Pro Tools inorder to help me w/ the proliferation of my craft. If any artist or producers want to collaborate w/ me email me @ [email protected]. I give every producer of the song full credit. Here are some songs that I am in the process of mixing down.

Disco Mandingo 🤬 . by C17 http://usershare.net/up4bbpwynjtq

Street Pony http://usershare.net/4u7m20a1hz71

Bonnie and Clyde 09

Juicy Swag 🤬 . by Jollie Rancha Man

**** Wrong? http://usershare.net/b82245ylex5i

She Stacked ft. Melvin J http://usershare.net/fomzikmm8gu3

Bonnie and Clyde 09 http://usershare.net/x2k9lk15d75g

Take Advantage http://usershare.net/fpla7nz2eoau

What it do? produced by Cleveland http://usershare.net/lgsqxs78h7s8

Jim Eastwood Freestyle http://usershare.net/1xtylybv8eea

Go Head http://usershare.net/06v52qtgff4w

Ignorant 🤬 **** ft. Melvin J http://usershare.net/cl6epvbsbf8c

C port **** (RIP Bugga)http://usershare.net/8m372ql8rayt

I like to ft. Melvin J http://usershare.net/dr6051dbfrco

Chevy Sittin High produced by DJ da Beatman

Build a ***** network 🤬 . by LexiiiBanks

I'm the **** 🤬 . by DJ Da Beatman