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spinoff: would you consider duncan's run as dominant?

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four time nba champ, 2x mvp of the season and 3x finals mvp...dude really hasn't made waves like lebron, kobe, et.c in the world...but would you conside rhis run dominant?


  • PanchoYoSancho
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    Is this a serious question? Honestly?

    He hasnt made waves?
  • newOldSchool
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    Damn Duncan is boring to watch but he keeps the Spurs in contention. Would have liked to see him win a back to back like my Lakers but still a good run.
  • pimped_out_red
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    He isnt that flashy but he knows his fundamentals so well, its like he can see into the future....dats dominate enough....lol at lebron getting crossed.
  • dalyricalbandit
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    yes with does status
  • ysl313
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    thats my point, whenever someone mentions the nba they typically say the name of a flashier, more dramtic player but few guys have had the kind of reign duncan has had since his rookie year statistically and consistently.