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Is there anything we do that's brand new

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Have u every been softly kissed on your sweet lips?
Starting at the nape of your neck, kissing slowly then a soft bite on your hip?
Ever had passion marks on your breast, stomach & neck?
When it was time to enter the bedroom u knew he'd pass the test?
Ever taken a walk holding hands near the bayou side?
Do u kno what it feels like for a 🤬 to call u his "ride or die"?

Is there anything we do that's brand new....

Theirs a feeling people get when they see the one they love
The feeling of butterflies in their stomachs
Do u kno what that does?
Make love in the bathroom at the movies?
🤬 on top of the washing machine?
How bout in the back seat of a car?
Ever got eatin out with carmel & whipped cream?

Is there anything we do that's brand new....

Ever give a 🤬 head on the highway?
Ever toot your ass up & let him hit it from the side way?
Lay in the bed with that 🤬 , converse & laugh all night long?
Didn't matter to either one of yall that u had that sexy lingerie on.
Have u seen him at his lowest point, when he was down & out?
Did u kno what to do to make him feel better?
Or did u just bounce?

Is there anything we do that's brand new....

Rode his 🤬 for almost 40 minutes str8?
He ever suck your toes after a romantic date?
He ever take u to a sex store & let u pick out a toy?
Then he takes u home, rocks your world & u forget what u buy the toy for?
Ever eat u out for a hour & u beg for him to stop?
Ever suck his 🤬 so long your neck muscles pop out?
Ima nasty 🤬 so are u...
So luv...
Is there anything we do that's brand new....


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