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How fresh, O Lord, did I disregard my faith
Within my soul I relate to the sinners of the world

As I planet my soulless body into the soil of the Lord
I began to wriggle in the uncomfortable life of solitude

The Lord sense my frustration
I began to ponder, “Lord why me?”
My heart began to harden with confusing of the Lord’s love
As I began to frown
I decide to turn my world upside down

The Lord spoke to me, “My child be careful of those who want to harm you”
I smirk in disdain
Who would want to harm me?
I love everyone like the Lord loves me

He sliently wept for my ignorance
As a mother protecting her adult child in the real world
He let me go as a sinner to the world
Promised me that once I regain my faith
He would open heaven’s gates for me

As I planet my soulless body into the Lord’s soul
I was born into the world
Screaming for my savior
To save


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    This is pretty nice Charlie,

    kind of reminds me why we here in the first place to live, sin, forgive, forget and to live some more, and to go.

    All in all, good piece.

    Thanks for sharing and keep expressing ur self ma.

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