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The most powerful superhero in Marvel

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Thus far, Squirrel Girl has beaten:

* Doctor Doom[12]
* Mandarin[4]
* Giganto[4]
* MODOK[4]
* Thanos[4]
* Terrax[4]
* Bug-Eyed Voice[1]
* Bi-Beast[5]
* Deadpool[6]
* Pluto[7]
* Fin Fang Foom[8]
* Baron Mordo[8]
* Korvac[8]
* Ego the Living Planet[8]


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    wtf does she do?

    Powers, abilities, and equipment

    Squirrel Girl is a mutant, and evinces a variety of mutations which align with the squirrel theme. During her first encounter with Iron Man, she provided a detailed demonstration of her powers and abilities: a furry, prehensile tail roughly 3–4 feet in length; sizable buck teeth, which are strong enough to chew through wood; and enhanced agility and strength, enabling her to jump between trees with ease. Her fingers have sharp claws on them, assisting her with climbing, and she possesses retractable "knuckle spikes" roughly 2-3 inches in length on each hand. Most importantly, she is capable of communicating with and understanding squirrels. Squirrel Girl does not communicate with squirrels telepathically. Rather, she has an understanding of their language, and the ability to speak it. Squirrels have also been depicted as understanding her when she speaks in English.

    Later appearances have revealed additional abilities possessed by Squirrel Girl. Her eyes have been seen to glow red in low-light situations, indicating that she has some form of enhanced vision[original research?]. Squirrel Girl reveals that her lips taste like hazelnuts, and she also displays an enhanced sense of smell.[1]

    Squirrel Girl carries a utility belt comprising multiple pouches that contain nuts to give as snacks to her squirrel friends. These are known, to much comedic effect, as her "nut sacks". It is unknown whether the markings around her eyes are the result of her mutation, or are cosmetically applied to enhance her squirrel-themed appearance (though they do not appear to smear when she's crying[13]).

    Squirrel Girl is also shown as carrying a full set of 'Iron Man Vs. Series battle cards' when showing Dum Dum Dugan how she knows him (she mentions Dugan has a 'defense stat of 8'; her own is 6, although the rating system is left unclear). After MODOK is pointed out to her, she consults the supervillain's own card to confirm his abilities. The printing on the two cards shown (Dugan's and MODOK's) is actually gibberish.[4]

    In GLX-Mas Special, she's shown flying a small gyrocopter she calls a 'Squirrel-A-Gig', and mentions it was a gift from GLI teammate Big Bertha. This reappears in Deadpool/GLI Summer Fun Spectacular. The first version was a standard gyrocopter, while the latter is shown as a more stylized superhero helicopter (including squirrel-styled bodywork). Squirrel Girl is shown as being able to fly the craft expertly, including through the anti-aircraft defenses surrounding Castle Doom, crediting her ability to her 'squirrel-agility'.
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