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So Jay tried to sue Nas for defamation?

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just read this on that throwback thread(great thread btw) and thought it deserved its own thread.Is this common knowledge to people?


Brooklyn based rap star, Jay-Z astounded fans and foes alike when he announced his plans to sue rival rapper Nas for libelous comments made last year. The two artists had been feuding through out the later part of 2001. The battle culminated in Nas's release of the Stillmatic album and the song Ether, which made several references negatively portraying Jay-Z as a homosexual and threatening anti-🤬 violence. Homophobia and 🤬 discrimination, which has ravaged hip-hop in recent years, will be a partial basis for the suit says Jay-Z's lawyer, Mathew Winters. In addition, Jay-Z is claiming career and lifestyle damage. From 98-2001, Soundscan and the Billboard Top 40 established Jay as the music industry's top rapper. But sales of his records and Rocawear clothing line were down almost 40% in 2002. Nas on the other hand has boasted increased publicity and platinum sales in the last year. Jay-Z's legal team is claiming that Nas not only intended to damage Jay's career but also to launch his own off defaming statements. The hip-hop world has already responded with shock. Haitian rapper/singer Wyclef Jean responded saying, "Battling is the essence of hip-hop, it's been its basis for years." He went on to say, "Hip-hop started with battles in the park. What [ Jay-Z ] is doing with his suit is ridiculous and is further [evidence] that hip-hop is dying as an art form". Ridiculous or not, Jay-Z's suit is unprecedented and will undoubtedly usher in a new era of lawsuits." Paul Vaugner Associated Press