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🤬 🤬

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🤬 🤬 ; Inhabitant of my every thought
My desire to possess you is inhibited by the reality that I should not.

From across the room I feel your presence; exquisitely situated on your host
A whiff of your essence stirs my longings; makes my yearnings grow even worse.

In my weakened state I long for your nectar
The revelation evidenced by the stirring of my scepter

Of great and wise men your promise has laid waste
Reality won't curb my yearning... cannot impede my desire to taste

My plight is further exacerbated by the reciprocated feelings
A liberated host ; unashamed to expressed that she's willing

Why did you have to be 🤬 🤬 ? Your host live life so loosely?
Societal demands on the educated black male so confuse me.

Ashamed to admit to the desires with which I have been beset.
The unavoidable moment of pleasure would give way to a lifetime of regret.

Yet I approach you... heart held in hand.
Wanting to be your lover. Needing to be your man.

🤬 🤬 ... The author of my demise.
You appealed to the mortal in me I cannot deny.

The creation of this monster; your host is to be blamed
🤬 🤬 is your alias... WOMAN is your name

I'm caught up. At the point of no return.
Someone's son is taking a 🤬 home.

🤬 🤬 you're innocent .... your host is a freak
Freakier still is the host of this 🤬 🤬