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Massacre Over Broadway Street *Inspired by Fire by Lupe Fiasco*

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All black on suited and booted up
AK on deck and bandanna tied properly
holding on grudge, anger and anxiety
ready to go to war with instant commodity
inspired by rampage this guy is a lunatic
mask on cover in bulletproof wizardry
armed to the T dotting eyes that tend to look at thee
angry that this is the results of anticipation
bought a game for the 360...broken and patched down
bought a movie ticket to rip and spit on it
bought a CD and it was the final draw
go to downtown with an entourage
one man army sick with the reload option
call of duty mentality..the noobs are his enemy
enters the van rewind a second and minute
kiss his momma on the cheek and gives his daddy a duce
leaving in a blue minivan momma license plates scream I Heart Lord
rosary beads on the dashboard dangling
prayer comes out and a radical change immersing
traffic blocking his destiny but he ain't stupid
its 7am and the place opens at 9
unloads the 9 and get ready to feel fine
C4 in the van..mission accomplished
drove to big building
jumps out while the van is wheeling
falls through glass and lands in the lap
of a rent a cop and a few receptionists
fire is enraging and the machine runs through it
unload and reload
bodies hit the floor from 1st to the 5th
a dj recorded the violence
made it a sound effect for the next LP
CDs scattering and teeth chattering
as the violence enrage something ravishing
rude awakening he's giving those thats fake and bringing wrong message
he literally freed the slaves
broke the system and crippled the good boy society
however things don't seem to have good endings and happy thoughts
swat team comes a knocking tasering and lasering the enemy
he falls flat from neck and torso injury
eyes roll back and a 50 percent fatality
all over a bad CD and a lazy industry

Massacre Over Broadway Street


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    Love the metaphors here real p,

    I thought it was real interesting and made a great read. thanks for sharing with us and keep the creativity flowing okay.. you gots my support :)

    peace real P..