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Escaping Religion/Entering Spirituality- Instrumental: Pac Div-The Mirror

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This is going to hurt you and damage me
holding on to this anger to the third degree
was told that the savior wouldn't forgive me
if I continue to act wrongfully and not seek thee
but reality sets in and its all just a pretend facade
that the 🤬 that I seek is within another human being
not the one unseen by the blink of a millisecond
the one that talks to me when I had suicidal tendencies
the one that proceed to comfort my wife from a time of losing grip
upon reality
this is my dear john letter
sign and deliver from the people
that hurt and looking for a savior
beyond the walls of a church and the false like behavior
fake prophecies and other lawless hopeful dream like schemes
to become rich overnight with a righteous plot
life seems pitiful if you don't give the offerings and pay dues to the deliver-full
while the money goes to wrong doings and the lord fails to have pockets
stop it and let go the animosity
towards species that chose to ride with a different scheme
not everybody wants to follow suit and even so
they rather look for HE from above
instead of being told half truth in a full truth bible
stuck on old testament and forgetting the new heaven sent
women in church are becoming irrelevant
while Pastor Joe the Schmo blowing steam off of adulterated thoughts
the word is being taught and becoming a deep commodity
to shove the voice of 🤬 in places that lack "society"
instead of being open minded to the reality
that everybody isn't going to be SAVED
who is thee to judge those that chose paths of righteous
or going along the crooked evasive angle
full of 🤬 , lies, and lack of redemption
let it come as a natural surprise
wise man told me to rely on the almighty
and seek thee for thyself
I fail to speak a biblical quote but I know 🤬
works and your 🤬 is the fellow wearing the gold plated chain
religion becomes a fantasy explain
a way to keep those under males spells
and unleash heaven when the true definition is hell
dwell in a world of right wing lunatics
and baptisms provided by water that sells
on TVs across the US
this is unjust and justice is thought less
because its JUST US against them
millions of people under the spell
of half truth and false glimpses
wishes of going to hell if they don't follow suit with the suit wearing
false prophet with benefits arising
while economy dropping and salary becomes unknown option
bottom line seek his face and rely on faith that he can free you
or make a way of escape
unloosen the bible belt and express your weight lost
of dead weight from the fate
and brilliant size of the faith

Believe in 🤬 /Not in huMANity