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Internet Download Accelerators

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I'm in search of a good Internet Download Accelerator.

I had Internet Download Manager, but they got pinched or something happened, they closed my 🤬 and now the site is now existent.

Now I'm looking for a new program that'll help push downloads faster than normal.

Any help or suggestions out here.......?


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    Is it a one-time fee or recurring every year?

    i saw on their website that they give 1 year free upgrades, but don't say that paying for the software/program is a lifetime deal then you have to pay for upgrades......
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    Young-Ice wrote: »
    I have one called DAP
    paid 10 dollas for it

    downloads around 600 kb

    lmao you sure thats a accelerator and not a decelerator?

    but idm still out...full versions of it too...flashget used to be dope i personally use jdownloader.....hit the pm if you need idm