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Church Stories...

love yal
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Woke up, all I know 🤬 was by my side
Angles around me told me I got many stories to tell
Side by side, knowing there was many stories to tell
Saying going to church and going to school I won't fail..


  • love yal
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    I won't fail, these church days, a story to tell
    Went to church, explain my thoughts to 🤬
    I won't fail, read the bible, learn the verses well
    Dark chairs, crosses, flowers, telling my stories to tell
    Forgiving our sins, sharing conversation, visuals images well
    There many hours to speak to lord, so many words you can tell
    Lord beliver, 🤬 anwsering all our prayers as we read the bible
    Its still continue...more stories to tell....
  • aijalon
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    Fantasies of burning in hell
    Reality reveals metal jail cells
    Pastors predictably robbing the people and living well
    Ain't it swell?
    The stories we tell
    Whilst zombies arise at the toll of the bell
    Admonished to resist the Jezebel
    Excuses for the reason why he fell
    A moment spent in church.... An eternity with the Devil
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    Mind manipulation and chains jingling
    chain gang to the wooden chair
    hearing the methods of how life is unfair
    suited and booted with a bit of flair
    while nosy old lady with a false prophet tale
    stares and glare over here
    no suit just jeans and a look so obscene
    mean and vicious like the dude beside me
    glasses to see 20/20 plus a jacket so appalling
    balling is his capital name
    but still we feel like our prayers in vain
    no acknowledgment while we try to hug and pray
    holy ghost coming on and tongue sprayed spit in their way
    they not moved by the things we say
    lay on the ground with our eyes on the wave
    the farewell trumpets and the sign of victory
    yet they worry about the physical persona
    time goes by and we felt the lack of welcome
    pastor secretly dissing us and our kind isn't welcome
    we say your welcome and thank you for the welcoming
    trust us we going and not coming back
    because we have the church within us and on our back
    so who needs to go to this main attraction
    when we have 🤬 24/7 complete satisfaction

    Know what the true enemy is....
  • love yal
    love yal Members Posts: 1,327
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    Won't fail, going to church, surviving from tales
    You want fail, belives in the lord much as you can
    My friends y'all won't fail, I talk to few, they told me
    There problems, went to priest, found there anwsers
    Don't give up, but change is good, and told me don't fail
    Too many Lucifer and Judith tales, but then listen to lil
    Of gospel I feel alright, lil paino, some company, lifestyle
    Of good muscles...Prayer of Manasseh reading the Judah
    I release the physco..learning the chronicler and new laws
    How the Temple was restored, eighteeth year learned Azaliah
    Reading became helpful...nose not broken or crook it yet
    But fighting with lord reading verses from Israel was helpful
    Now I just get supercharged to be superb to superego my words
    Rhyme superficial about the mass, in the end become a superhero
    Superintendent to tell tales, get a sundae
    Its a Sunday welcome to the house of church. Life is superficial.
  • aijalon
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    Dim lights, muffled screams.... blood stain 🤬
    Jesus died on the cross for you and for me
    This is nor right so he fights feels the weight upon him
    Darkness envelopes the light pain threatens to overcome him

    Blinded by the reflection on the mosaic ceilings above
    Bamboozled by the vain expressions of love
    Reading about 🤬
    And the fraud who this moment sobs
    When revelations of his secret passions threaten his

    Come on it's time we reevaluate our position
    Reassess the necessity of this situation
    Strategically demolish the Genesis.... Disprove the revelation
    Rewrite the books to reflect our own creation

    Cowardice could never overcome the spirit of a people united
    For too long we've been pawns in the war they've incited
    Man waste of those by whom we felt slighted
    I feel those feelings too but I fight it

    Church stories have touched us all yet we press on despite it....................
    REAL_POETICAL Members Posts: 347 ✭✭
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    Hands on the bible
    life is in his hands
    glory unto the almighty
    the prayers in demand
    protect me from its followers
    let me lead by example
    together we shall rise
    and the enemy shall fall
    dress me up in a suit
    martyred built and ready
    steady on the trigger
    as my devotion seem vary
    life in the shambles
    time to wake up
    the spirit is the keeper
    religion is a false tale
    to separate us from the promise
    of peace and recognition
    🤬 giving truth becomes the epitome
    of everlasting light
    baptist me in his mercy
    let me soar towards greatness
    while they destroy the world where he place us
  • aijalon
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    Back pew crying. Whispered Prayers.
    Silent request .........deaf ears.
    Amongst a multitude...Yet no one cares
    Realizing our worse fears

    Sister, Sister Help me up
    Brother, Brother won't you stop?

    Abusing me in the name the Lord
    Taking my dignity in the name of 🤬

    The tragedy that has become my every breath
    Threatens to deliver me unto death

    Too afraid to leave this earth
    Still unaware of my true worth

    So I seek the meaning of my life
    Be everything to my pastor but his wife

    Glancing in the mirror filled with dread
    Raise the gun to my head...............
    Steel my nerves...No longer scared
    Pull the trigger now i'm dead
    REAL_POETICAL Members Posts: 347 ✭✭
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    Forgive them almighty
    they don't know the meaning
    the greeting of a smile
    the devil is concealing
    the deadly weaponry
    violent ensues and bullets squeeze rapidly
    into an abortion clinic and 🤬 community
    the diplomatic immunity becomes a biblical ritual
    violence becomes a ten commandment entry
    hatred towards those that are different than he
    police pile up to shoot the victim of self righteous ridicule
    bullets tear through skin its looking critical
    lying on the ground soak up with 5 victims and 20 injured
    hand on the bible wind blows and goes to a page
    describing judging belong to the creator of thee
    sad spirit gone because he's trying to create his own legacy
    by backing up the wrong pages of his rampage recipe
    REAL_POETICAL Members Posts: 347 ✭✭
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    What you claiming fool
    denominational checking
    my hopes on the almighty for them to get me a past
    a tedious task as they put me on blast
    asking me about my faith and what class or estate
    Christian, Muslim, Baptist, etc
    fed up with the labels and thoughts ahead of the...
    lost and sheep herded curds that foretell false lies
    and enter the minds to drive them into hell
    they don't have a rag or repping Christ like we do
    hooride waving gang signs and speaking different tongues
    this is what religion has succumb to
    even Jesus looks down on us like forgive them they don't know me
    they don't know my acceptance towards we
    regardless of different mold or following
    thee shouldn't become distant from the truth
    and stop trying to become a gang of thieves
    so I the writer of this and getting check avoid the church
    because I rep it within me so a sinner can be a winner in he
    pastor aka chief won't jump him in
    and all the other gang members won't make him begin
    to be different from the truth within
    5 minutes into the G checking
    I tell them I rep 🤬 and I'm a follower in his gang
    not religion
    so martyr me and let my legacy become wisdom
    for the next recruit trying to seek 🤬 for divine intervention
    instead of a crew of denomination of which he tends to face
  • love yal
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    Went to church , I defeated Satan's power
    Left Satan, no coward, then I murdered there demons,
    And I left the tower....

    Going through war battling theses demons
    Killed satan 🤬 , bust out lyrics, left evil crying
    Went cyclops ending notes as cylinders
    Smashin horns puting the devil back to hell
    Leaving the world safe again, not being cynical
    Or trying to sins, parties succeed to gin, left as 🤬
    Control the whole sports field, heaven never leaving
    Hell is no cypress, I enter the garden, watch a cynic
    Opinion, the world is not ending, the Lord is deliver the
    Lessons, forget the stressing, no one's killed, no accidents
    We chill with sunblock, no sunburned, live at the House of
    Church, dispassion we get strong with no emoton
    🤬 who one who heals us, thanks hospitality again
    Releasing the sick from the hospice, illustration
    Receiving good images, no ill will, no imbibe, imitation
    Before it happen, forgive our trouble, insertion
    Fire tourch dissmissing demons ideas, leaving us as human beings...
  • love yal
    love yal Members Posts: 1,327
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    Church stories still continues
    Thanks for sharing, lords caring
    🤬 is always watching
    After defeating evil days, still go to
    Church, more are praying
    Same time confessing the sins
    Interference interfer holy in our life
    Good samaritan inviting to church
    Good looking, and Sunday good morning
    Reading Matthew chapter 2 reading
    Of the visit of the Magi
    What do many think about King Herod
    Was saying? After he got trouble in
    Jerusalem..while younging are being born..
  • Tupacfan
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    aye, this what im talking about.. keeps it going..

    I'll have to add tomorrow... thanks love yal for starting this thread! diggs it!
  • aijalon
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    Went to church this past Sunday. It's been a while.
    Said a few hellos. Even cracked a phony smile.

    Pastor talked about sheep and goats
    He seemed to be speaking at me. Hey, whatever floats his boat.

    In his opinion I won't be led.
    And eat anything but the meals that I'm fed.

    And so I sat there and listened to him fight and fuss.
    All the time my beliefs were being reinforced.

    Damn right I'm not a sheep. I'm not one of the flock.
    Not apt to graze on grass or make a meal of another man's 🤬 .

    So when they say they love I ask that they not show me.
    Here we go again. Just another church story..
    REAL_POETICAL Members Posts: 347 ✭✭
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    See the destruction before my eyes
    pastor smoking and apostle sniffing
    the truth becomes distant
    and i'm foretell the story so instant
    me sitting on the benches watching the end
    of a era and the choir becomes the paul bearer
    the carrier of the two lost spirits
    killing us and building them
    scriptures open up wounds of self pity
    losing religion and its a wonderful start
    tears of anger turns into hatred marks
    towards the father that so led me to this astray
    i pray for this day but not now
    i vow to hold dearly the memories of sweet melodies
    dancing and shouting
    spewing spiritual remedies
    only to see chaos and disorderly
    permission to leave and end this chapter
    hope 🤬 don't escape me
    then again he made me see
    the destruction of Divine Spirits
    the church that I was a member in
    never again a member of any to begin with
    so the next victim please seek 🤬 instead of man made decision
  • love yal
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    tupacfan wrote: »
    aye, this what im talking about.. keeps it going..

    I'll have to add tomorrow... thanks love yal for starting this thread! diggs it!

    Thanks to Tupac fan, Real_Poetical, and aijalon for texting on the Church Stories thread. I made Church Stories thread because is a positive way to become more talented in writing stories..which its cool more skills to stimulate our writing skills to become a better typer.
    Plus its church stories..a positive choice.....but keep the good work, it good to see very talented text typer..
  • love yal
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    *Any instrumental*

    Besides being sick or ill
    🤬 is still powerful
    Going to church is the way
    We get skills, many stories
    I've heard give thrills and
    Chills...if you notice
    Everything around us is
    A church story, a test or will
    Might to sight, lamp to light
    Reading bible is amazing
    Make us bright, stories we share
    Bring kindness to friends that
    Want to be bright, don't have
    Put fight we chill like windmills
    We rock, sing, rap, play instruments
    Life is good, its good to share skills
    Then being greedy, but no one is perfect
    We always learn from mistake, and
    Pray for upcoming mess, for no stress
    If we get weird, play a game of chess
    Or just go back to church, to tell a story
    Again...Language is intersting make a story
    Interesting, speacially learning from parts
    Of world, theory or theorist leave good history
    Of ideas, political, learn new things of 🤬 like a shoreline...
  • Tupacfan
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    Nice drop young ice.. i digged that!

    Never been to church till I had to bury my babies father,
    Had his child and blessed him with the holy water.

    Never read the book bilble,
    but rolled my blunts with the blank paper coming straight from the bible.

    Never recited scriptures,
    just starred at Jesus pictures.

    2nd time i been to church, when baby brother married at the alter,
    sadly 🤬 couldn't even save him from his falters.

    Now I stay in and out of churches, casting my family's gravestones,
    Some of em' I wish I had cloned..
  • love yal
    love yal Members Posts: 1,327
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    Thanks for dropping your stories...its very good and deep...
  • love yal
    love yal Members Posts: 1,327
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    🤬 is a start, never give up
    What we do best, church is still nice
    Forgive what happens in the world
    Sorry for many losts, forrgive us
    For even trying to type a church story
    Everyone is there own boss
    I'm still new at this but don't mind
    Rereading the bible recommend is good to read
    I'm never lost, Jerusalem, lift up yo eyes
    See people arrive from north, flock
    Entrusted where the sheep is our glory
    Ask out hearts why things befall us
    We just stay strong not feel guilty
    Believe in Lord and learn the cross..
  • love yal
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    Cleanliness in Camp
    Reading the Deuteronomy
    keep thing offensive slam
    Boy and girl reading the bible
    Finding more anwser after each page
    There minds set, no race, the explained themself
    At good pace...entering the church praying peaceful days
    Page after page...reading the book, boy and girl, getting power from the bible.
  • aijalon
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    Cursed to be born the son of a pastor
    Ever consumed with securing the hereafter

    Take a look in to my conflicted soul
    Embrace my venom.. Help me destroy the world

    Cultivated to be a man who'd preach the word
    Learned to not believe everything which I was told

    Obsessed with getting 🤬 and drugs
    Consumed with living life like one of the thugs

    So far removed from the childhood goal
    Of preaching "The word" and saving the world

    Rastafarian; dreadlocks hang down my face
    🤬 fills my lungs... My mother thinks me a disgrace

    Pastors son 🤬 a pastor's daughter
    Eternally 🤬 by the abortion.. She wasn't ready to be a mother

    Hypocrites talk about the sanctity of life
    The first murderer I knew was the woman I hoped would one day be my wife
  • love yal
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    #..One day, church praying for carcinoma #
    For the people in villages to get out coma
    Cardcatalog sending cards to those patients
    Whether is cargo or visitation builds charisma
    # Hospital, kind characters giving care, nice Karma.#
  • aijalon
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    They say i've lost my faith and now can't find it back
    Maybe it was all this weight I carried on my back

    Lost out here trying to find my own way
    Blinded by my fears I invented reasons to stay

    Reasons to be everything which I was not
    So with the hypocrites I did cast my lot

    Sold my soul at a bargain price
    I gave them all I had. Nearly lost my life

    When freedom came I did not even recognize
    All I could see was the man in the mirror who I so despised

    I needed forgiveness but whom can I ask
    To be cleansed of my sins now seems an impossible task
    I got down on my knees and this I did ask
    That I never stray from my destined path
  • love yal
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    Dismissing a church day, doesn't look good
    But still fill those church days, make up another Sunday, and look good
    Probly get close with many friends, make songs, and album, and feel good
    Without drinking heavy or eating as beast, still continue to live while 🤬 take us to school
    Then enjoy the fun time, let's rhyme, let's shine, talk these church stories
    They always talk about, death, devils, life, satan, demons, heros, angels, and lords,
    Talking about its pretty cool, forget the sadness, life its rock n roll, being happy
    Its nothing wrong, there are people sining, sometime, we have to be our own superhero's
    Yo let me tell you a story, day in hell, helping some young childern before something went wrong
    But they made it all alright, a message from 🤬 taking us to school, holy water as wavy pool
    Let's get intellectual, going through the hospital can get neurotic, somthing about the occlusal
    Surving learning occipital lobe, if it hurts, 🤬 , will heal those pain strong as occipital bone
    Remembering the time, being in the hospital, obtutation, the message about oblique fracture
    We know its school, priest many prayers, Obs, oblique fracture , getting checked by x-ray
    Doctor tool, looks like everything is fine the pateint is back on its feet, ready to go back to school
    Occlusal, occult, even occupational therapist will tell the patient is okay, already the patient is going
    Back to school, week later went church, read the Isaiah, learning the disciples, at church made of wood
    Call not alliance what this people call alliance, learning those quotes, that a church stories, as 🤬 takes us to school.
  • love yal
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    Dressed very nice, its life, its right, welcome to another day a page of church stories
    After my classes of school, I do some prayers, by the end of week, Sunday, my spirit tells a story
    Sun, light, daughter, son, bright, mother, father, a Family going to Church, its life, call it a 🤬 story
    Everyday prayer goes out to heaven, seven can be written, and eleven sins can be forgiven, left evil, went holy shortly!