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I Must Be 🤬 !

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I must be 🤬 . Look what I've created
Only 🤬 can destroy a life with words filled with hatred.

I must be 🤬 cause so many fear me.
I reached for my hip & now no one dares come near me.

I must be 🤬 . The devil fears my name.
Greater than you. We are not created the same.

I must be 🤬 . A deity since my conception.
🤬 ... confirmed by my own reflection.

But You See

She must be 🤬 . For she dominates my thoughts.
A gaze into her eyes and to my knees I was brought.

She must be 🤬 . She is who I am.
Without her at my side I am but a man.

She must be 🤬 . She controls my existence.
Weakened by her presence. Incapable of offering resistance.

She must be 🤬 . For she creates life.
She must 🤬 . Who else could be my wife?


He must be 🤬 . Born of this Man.
🤬 ...For he is everything that I am.

He must be 🤬 . Cause through him I live forever.
My, legacy, my name.. through him forgotten: Never.

He must be 🤬 . For he is born of us.
He must be 🤬 . Must be..must

He must be 🤬 . Fashioned aloud.
🤬 of whom his father is so proud.

WE must be 🤬 let us not fear it.
Deity is our garment. Let us all wear it.

We must be 🤬 . Look what we came.
A people scattered. Robbed of their name.

We must be 🤬 and that's fact.


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    loove the metaphor's being dropped in this jawn, and also how you flipped it too.. 🤬 was dope! word play was up to par...

    thank you for sharing.. i really appreciate you sharing your poems with us.. poetry is slept on lately.. but as long as I'm around.. it'll always exist here.. fa real..