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You Gave Me Power

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You gave me power and it scared me.
Who am I to wield this force?
Not worthy of your presence or your embrace. Yet you gave me power.
You gave me power, more than a man should have.
My mind cannot fathom why this is so.
Though I rise to the challenge, I am uncertain of myself.
Power corrupts even the incorruptible.

Share this power with me.
I am unable.. alone to carry this load.
You chose me..What a humbling admission.
You gave me power....freely.

Make man of boy..Baby of 🤬 .
Transform the essence of existence by your gesture you have
Given power to he who felt powerless
He accepts, with all humility and understanding
Having peeked through the keyhole of that door that no longer is

Hands clasping power
Feet meeting concrete
I ascend
I enter
I arrive
I live
You gave me power to be free.

I Wrote This During a Period When I Was Having An Affair


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    wow, this indeed is a powerful personal piece.. very brave of you to write about your affair.. and thank you for sharing with us! we could all learn from this jawn..